Thank You!

Today is TITYN's 1st Birthday!  I cannot believe a year ago today was the first post, American Flag Wreath.  I would just like to say THANK YOU for being my neighbor and allowing me to share with you!  Thank you for the support and encouragement you offer through comments on this site, stops in the grocery store, personal emails and yells across the day school hall.  :)  I appreciate all of it!  I had no idea how much fun a blog could be and how much joy it could bring.  I'm looking forward to many more birthdays for this blog!  Again, I say:

Tonight we're celebrating with Pink's Pizza (it's my favorite meal on earth, tell it to your neighbor!) and the premier of Big Brother!!!  Yes, we watch it.  The summer we were at home with a newborn got us hooked, it's on 3 nights a week!


  1. I love you Erica and Tell It To Your Neighbor! You are an amazing friend an inspiration to us all. Here's to many, many more TITYN birthdays! Happy, happy!

  2. I adore your blog! I live in Houston and started reading after I saw a post from your sister on C.Style. I'm a mommy of a 2-year-old son and I love your and her styles. Thank you for sharing and congrats on 1 year!!