Easy Homemade Father's Day Cakes

Here are two ideas for a homemade Father's Day Cake.  This first idea is so easy it feels like cheating.  Ha!  It's a cookie cake and this is all I needed from the grocery store:

I followed these instructions on Pillsbury.com and I may have added a little more cookie dough from a second roll and I may have cooked it a little longer as well.

Kiddo participation?  Check!  The kids can press out the dough.  Also, to decorate the cake, I traced their hands with the Vanilla Easy Frost and then filled in with the Chocolate Easy Frost.  FYI- This icing was hard to track down in these two flavors, I finally found them at Target.

I only had a few minutes to finish icing the rest of the cake and I'm not a cake decorator!  But, I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.  It's cute, homemade, not professional and their Daddy will love it!

The second idea is Paula Deen's Frozen Banana Split cake.  I've made it twice for my husband's birthday (pre-blog so excuse the bad pics).  It's basically layering ice cream sandwiches and toppings. Again, it felt like cheating but we loved it!  We made it in the winter but I think it probably tastes better in the summer!

Here's Paula's recipe.  I recommend eliminating an ingredient or going easy on a few ingredients.  The dessert is RICH and delicious!  Here it is frozen:

These two cake ideas can also be made a couple days ahead of time and they're easy to hide and disguise from the man of the hour.  Our cookie cake is being stored in the fridge outside with an extra pan on top:

I wonder what's in there???  Something special!


  1. Love that this is an EASY homemade cake! Totally doing this with David! He will love to participate! Oh, and the hands are adorable!

  2. Great and sweet ideas!!! Yummy too!!!! We will be trying out both of these!!! The cookie cake for fathers day and the banana one for a fun summer treat, can't wait!!!
    Thank you for the ideas!!! Love your blog!!!

  3. We made the cookie cake for Father's Day!
    Great last minute idea!