A Platter Big Enough For Three

This was the first time I needed a very big platter to hold a very big cake, a number 3 shaped birthday cake.  I had seen things wrapped in aluminum foil which would have been fine but I thought I might be able to quickly make something cute and festive.  So I went to our kids' art supplies and found a Mickey Mouse coloring book and our patterned construction paper.

I took our biggest cutting board and covered and the top of it with the patterned paper.  To keep it down, I taped the corners and a few other spots.  Then I cut a few characters from the coloring pages and taped them to the top.  After that I covered it all with translucent Parchment Paper (not wax) by wrapping and taping the paper to the bottom of the cutting board.

Next I placed the cake!  We made the number three out of two bundt cakes (here's where the idea originated).

number 3 shaped cake

Then before I started icing, it was a "good thing" I did this:

And here's our finished cake.  The theme of the birthday party was "Mickey Mouse Orange" and I'll have to explain that in a future post.

If you ever need a big platter, go to the kids' art cabinet and cover a cutting board!


  1. That is so adorable and creative, both the cake and the covered platter!!!!!

  2. This is an amazing idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing.