To and Fro Swim School

My sister and I were talking about my routine for getting to and from swim lessons and she quickly said to me, "oh, that's tell it to your neighbor!"  And come to think of it, every other time I take my kids to swim a mom or a dad says to me, "That's a great idea, I need to do that."  So I guess this would qualify as something I should tell my neighbor right away.  Here it is, this is how we've been going to and fro swim school (year round) for over 3 years:

Swimsuits on underneath in both pics.
If you've ever taken toddlers to the pool, you know it's not easy with swim diapers, pony tails, nervous tummies, unpredictable potty needs, wet towels, wet bodies changing clothes, wet feet in the winter and kiddos that aren't always listening and are possibly freezing.  So instead of all that, we put our swimsuits, robes and CROCS on at home and after we swim we dry off with a towel, leave our swimsuits on and then put our robes and CROCS back on and head home.  And here's the in-between:

Because we've toweled off, the car seats are fine, not too wet and then we change out of our suits when we get home.  Easy breezy!  And I have a confession, I pretty much lived in the pool growing up and we never really rinsed off after swimming.  So, like our parents, I don't rinse them off either, we even get in our PJs when we get home.  Ha!  But if you prefer to rinse your kids, make it easier on yourself and do that at home as well.

I wish I could recommend our robes, they do the job but they have torn in the wash.  So I've seen a few new options and some are on sale!  I'm looking for a robe with a hood because we take swim lessons in the winter.  So here's what I've found:

Gap - French Terry Bear in 3 colors

Pottery Barn Kids - Fleece Robe
Pottery Barn Kids - Terry Stripe Cover Up
Pottery Barn Kids - Terry Zebra Cover Up
Bianca Bathrobe - Kid Bubble
Long story short, save yourself and have your kids wear their swimwear to and from the pool, change at home, tell it to your neighbor!

  • Our swim school is Wolfies Swim School and we love it to say the least!  
  • It's usually indoors so sunscreen is not usually part of the routine.
  • If a kiddo is still in diapers, put a regular diaper on underneath the swim diaper for transit and remove it when you get to swim lessons.  My sister taught me that one!

Quick Links for summer and winter CROCS:


  1. Little Man's robe totally looks like a Jedi robe, which may make me love it, alleged holes and all. Thanks for the robe tip (among others)!

  2. I've found that it's easy for me bring a toiletry kit and PJs to the pool and rinse off and change there and then go home and straight to bed. This only works if we've eaten dinner at the club though.

  3. Great idea! Love your blog.

  4. What would I do without your smart brain?!?! My life would be so much harder without all your tips! Thank you!

  5. Thank you! I am going to try that next week at swim class.

  6. Where do you find a swim school that teaches lessons in the winter (and year round)? I'm a Houston resident. That's great!

  7. Great post! You're children are adorable! I always use AquaMobile Swim School for my kids but I might try Wolfies this year!