Sneaker Secret

A Nordstrom sales associate from the kids' shoe department once told me some valuable information.  She said Saucony brand tennis shoes seem to wear better than any other brand.  Now, that was a couple years ago (above picture) so I went to the kids' shoes last week to confirm the information and a 2nd sales associate agreed, Saucony wears the best, tell it to your neighbor!

And from my experience, I agree with both of them!  Our friend Jake gave us his shoes when he grew out of them and they were in great shape, good as new!  Beau will even be passing them on to his cousin Taylor.  Take a look close-up at these shoes compared to a new shoe:

What's better than this Sneaker Secret of wear and tear?  This is:  At Nordstrom, the Women and Kids' sale items are already marked down online, this sale doesn't start in the store until the 22nd of this week.  So I did some browsing for the summer and got both our kids new Saucony Athletic Shoes for $23.96 each, tell it to your neighbor!  Check out the cute styles on sale:

Saucony 'Blaze' Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Blaze' Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Cohesion HL' Running Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)
When I was in the store confirming things, I was also asking about a few new styles I'd seen online.  The sales guy said we will see the new shoes out in the store as soon as the sale begins.  Here are some of the new styles online, not on sale, but too adorable not to share and still reasonably priced:

Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Walker & Toddler)
Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
These look like ice cream to me.  Love white tennis shoes.  Saucony 'Cohesion 4' Sneaker (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)
Saucony 'Jazz' Hook & Loop Sneaker (Baby, Walker & Toddler)
Last one is for the older kiddo.  Saucony 'Kinvara' Athletic Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid & Big Kid)

The secret is out, Saucony tennis shoes wear the best and they're on sale online (before the sale begins in the store) with free shipping and returns at Nordstrom.  Now after you shop and secure your order please tell it to your neighbor!

Quick links to the shoes in this post, click on the pic and I'll take you there:


  1. Awesome post and I LOVE your models :)

  2. This is SO true! My 4yo had the Saucony "Jazz" shoes and now my 19 month old wears them and they look brand new! Awesome post! Thank you for sharing :)