Minnie Mouse Birthday Party, Part 1

I'm going to start backwards for sharing our daughter's 5th birthday party, starting with the cake.  Minnie Mouse was the theme and this was way back in October.

Minnie Mouse Cake and Mini Bunting

My daughter caught a glimpse again of elaborate cakes on Pinterest while I was planing her party.  She was in awe of the tiered cakes covered in pink and white fondant and topped with Minnie Mouse ears.  I had seen this beautiful cake and I loved the bunting topper.  Also, I'm still Hooked on Bundts.  So I thought I'd try to marry the three and do so very quickly and easily.  Here's how I did it:

I started with a tiered cake ordered from Nothing Bundt Cakes with a hot pink bow and wrapped in cellophane.  I stored it in the fridge until I was ready to add the accessories.

For the Minnie Mouse ears, I wanted to make sure the proportions were right so I traced them from my daughter's costume onto Black Adhesive Foam Sheets and cut them out.  These ears are double sided so I needed 2 of each side.

Then I scored and removed all but a strip of the paper backing so that I could slide these onto a wood skewer.

Then stuck the two sides together, trimmed it a little to tidy it up and slid it onto the skewer.

For the mini bunting, Mama Moonlights rocked the house again and shrank the regular size pennants from her party packs for me.  I printed the mini Minnie pennants (ha!) at home on sticker paper and cut them out.  Then I laid it out for spacing before I peeled the bunting stickers and folded them over pink and white baker's twine.

After I stuck the ears in, I tied the string to the top of the skewers and wrapped it all back up in cellophane and stuck it back in the fridge.

We cannot forget the candles, I found them last minute at Target.  Pink and white polka dot!

After a successful transport to the party place, here is the Minnie Mouse cake on display (couldn't help myself with that link):

And with the candles lit!

And a happy kiddo making a wish:

Oh and I almost forgot, I ordered an extra cake for the adults and I obviously should have ordered a pink bow for this one as well:

Bonus, I kept the ears and get to reuse them for our little boy's "Orange Mickey Mouse" party!

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  1. I love it! So creative and so simple and elegant!