KEA-I-AY (pig latin)

Most of my friends do not enjoy Ikea like I do.  In fact, I brought Table Topics "Not Your Mom's Dinner Party" to dinner a little while ago and the question was "What's your personal hell?"  My friend's answer was hilarious, "Ikea."  He described the maze and feeling trapped and I completely understand and I still love the place and that's why I found it so funny. 

Let's make a deal,  I'll shop Ikea in person so you don't have to.  I had a few minutes to breeze through Ikea on Monday and here's what I found:

Ikea's sand toys are amazing!  I'm surprised they're not $10 each, they're a thicker plastic than the sand toys you might find at target or toys r us.  They hold up, I've had these same toys for 2 years.  And the sets are creative, an Ice Cream set with cones and everything.  They're called SANDIG, they're in the kid's section and they always go fast at $1-$3 each:


I'm going to have to add this new ALMSTA chair to my Bistro Chairs post.  It's so cute and it has arms!  One of my Design instructors once said it's better to have ALL armchairs at a table for a dinner party because your guests will be more comfortable and want to hang out longer.  I think this chair would look great with just about any table in a breakfast area or casual dining room.


Check out this fantastic vintage looking metal and glass cabinet.  It comes in 3 colors.  I would love this in a kitchen or bathroom.  If I had a retail shop, this would make a great display case as well.  It's called FABRIKOR:


Oh how I love this sketchy black and white fabric.  It would be great in a kid's room or playroom as drapes or even a pillow.  There's a whale, ballerina, dog, letter C, bicycle, a light bulb, camera, cake...  what kid wouldn't like fabric with a cake on it?  Even a shower curtain would be cool.  It's called JULITA:


Look at all the colors in this high pile, wool rug.  I want it!  I'd want it for a cozy rug in a modern nursery, or maybe it would be nice on the foot overlapping something in my master?  It's supposed to be "naturally soil repellent and very durable" and it's called ORSTED:


These spice mills are officially on my Grown-Up Wish List pinterest board.  My kitchen wants them as art. :)  They're called KRYDDIG:


Did you know Ikea sells plants?  I didn't really start paying attention until I started stalking the store in anticipation of the topiaries I learned about from Little Green Notebook.  Haven't seen the topiaries but look at these succulents:

Ikea succlents

Here's a cute vintage looking clock for your kitchen.   It comes in green or cream and it's pretty big @ 2 feet in diameter.  It's called SKOVEL:

Kitchen clock, Ikea Skovel

I always wanted this play kitchen for my kids.  It's compact, real-looking and it's now at a lower price!  It's called DUKTIG:

play kitchen, ikea duktig

I picked up a few of these solar powered lanterns in the color orange for my son's birthday party and they are awesome!  Just take them out of the package, switch them on, hang and they automatically light up when the sun goes down. 

solar lantern, ikea solvinden

I have no time to write about these last things that caught my eye but I still wanted to include them:

There you have it, a trip to Ikea without going into the store!  I hope you enjoyed it this time!  I did, while I was there I heard a woman ask a sales associate, "Ummmmm... Ma'am, can you just tell me how to get back to the parking lot???"  More hilarity about the maze!

Quick link to a great dinner party game!:

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