For My Mom

In honor of my Mom this Mother's Day I would like to give her something.  I think she'd love how much fun my sister and I are having with our blogs.  After all, my Mom was excited and using Prodigy before any of us thought about using the internet on a regular basis and I'm pretty sure she beat me to shopping online.  She died (sorry, I have a hard time saying "lost" or "passed away" when it comes to her) in 2003 before our kind of blogging and social media took off and I think it would have been a dream of hers to have her art exhibited online, floating on the information super highway and inspiring others.  So without further ado, I would like to feature an exhibit of my Mom's amazing talent, tell it to your neighbor!

Tracy Kranz Sundstrom: Painting, Drawing and Collage

The Aborigine
Ice in a Glass
Collage, my daughter says this is a map with bridges over water.
Old Man drawing, I'm thinking of doing something cool with this in my Master Plan.
Ladies Fashion by the Pool, she said she painted this from a fashion photo shoot pic she found in a magazine.
Still of the Forest, Gouache
Jackie O and Her Sister Lee, this painting is older than I am and I cannot believe I just found this!

Wasn't she an amazing artist?!!!  And there's so so so much more to her I hope to tell you about someday.  I love her and I miss her so much.  Below is a picture of me (on the left) from La Jolla, my mouth dropped when I saw it because I knew there was a similar picture of my Mom (on the right).  I went digging and found the picture of my Mom and my mouth dropped again because it was freaky similar, the visor, the swimsuit, the sunglasses... like history repeating itself.  We were around the same age but her pic was from 25 years ago, crazy! 

Erica Sundstrom Smith, Tracy Kranz Sundstrom
Me and My Mom around the same age.
I hope you enjoyed the exhibit of my Mom's art, she would have enjoyed getting to show it to you.  Happy Mother's Day to you all.  Celebrate a mom and/or anything else you want this weekend because life on earth is short!


  1. An amazing talent, she was... And that Pic comparison is AMAZING- You should frame it! Happy Mothers Day to you, and I'm pretty sure Mothers Day in Heaven is an impressive party!

  2. She was incredibly talented. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My tears are flowing Erica...so beautiful! She is so special! I can see where you and Carly get your talent.


  4. Wow! Your mom's art is amazing! What talent.

  5. love this! and the pic of you and your mom. many backyard pool memories...

  6. So cool! I am just seeing this, although my mom told me about it. Some that I always remember and others that I only remember vaguely but knew them as soon as I saw them. Would love to find the image from whatever magazine she used for the fashion pool shot. Would be cool to see them side by side! What a gift you have given!!