Floral Workshop

Time to share pics from the Moms Group get together last week!  I am so grateful to Karen of the Braeswood Place Moms Group for asking me to be a part of their monthly meeting.  It was so much fun meeting everyone and I hope I get to see these moms again!  I am also grateful to my sister for hosting it.  Normally I would have been nervous, but her house is my 2nd home. :)

I like to "do" something when I'm getting to know new people so we thought it would be fun to surprise the moms with a floral workshop.  I went to Southern Floral to brainstorm and came up with the second Welcome Home Baby idea (julep cup with baby's breath).  This idea was simple, affordable, beautiful and I could offer a few tips. 

Guess how much I paid for these supplies?  Julep cups, scissors and a ton of Baby's Breath (there was a 3rd container full of flowers sitting to the side).  Just $104!

The secret to the affordability of this workshop is the julep cups, they're plastic.  Can you believe it?  The ladies were surprised!  These plastic julep cups are used by florists for million dollar weddings! 

Now here's the fun:
1. Gather about 5 stems of Baby's Breath in your hand and align the tops like a bouquet.

2.  While holding the flowers in your hand, cut the bottoms of the stems all at once to your desired height.  Always cut too long because you can always go shorter.

This pic makes me so happy!
3.  Pour water in your cup (with just a tiny bit of floral food) and add your flowers!

Aren't they beautiful?!  And I love the size of this arrangement because it can be transported home in a cup holder.

Everybody went home with flowers and a shopping pass to Southern Floral's wholesale shop.  Thank you, SoFloCo!

Thank you again, Carly for hosting such a great evening!

And here's one last arrangement for the memory file, this one would be pretty for a baby girl:

Don't forget about these real julep cups from the last post, they're on sale for Mother's Day!  These you can drink from, they are not plastic.  The skinny one is silver plated and the other two are nickel plated:

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