Dining Room Rug

phoenix wool dhurrie rug, west elm

My sister said her dining room was stale and boring and she asked me what she should do to fix the problem.   I had been looking for her a dining room rug for a long time and I had also been trying to get her to add pink as an accent in her home.  In case you don't know us personally, we are each others consultants.  It is a great relationship we have!  Anyway, I had just seen a rug that would be perfect!  We looked at it online, she loved it, we went to take a look at it in person and the rest is history.  Here are before and after pictures:

phoenix wool dhurrie rug, west elm
The rug is from west elm.  Isn't it so pretty?!!  I just love it and better yet, she loves it!  It's flat woven so the chairs can slide easily across it.  It's affordable, kiddos dine here all the time so if something spills, no one will cry.  It's graphic and bold, love this quality in a rug to spice up an interior and make it interesting.  It's pink, the color is unexpected and complements her home so well, beautiful!

I'm thinking I should get 2 runners and sew them together for my hallway.  Wouldn't that look lovely?!  It's a masculine pattern in a feminine color, perfect!  Here's west elm's photo of the product:

west elm, phoenix wool dhurrie
I've been collecting rugs on my Flooring board on Pinterest, here are a few I'm loving for the same reasons I love this one from west elm, click on the images and I'll take you there:

Also, I collect things for my sister, Carly, on my board called For CD.


  1. The rug is just so cheery and happy. I love that it's one of the first things I see when I walk in the front door. Thanks for being my consultant for EVERYTHING!

  2. That rug is perfection! And I LOVE the chairs you added to the dining room! Gorgeous!

  3. Omg I L-U-V! Wow. Nailed it. :)

  4. I just bought the same rug! It is much more beautiful on your sisters floor than it is in the store! Can't wait to bring mine home tomorrow. I have a newborn and am a bit worried about the fibres under his feet though. any thoughts? How does rug feel?


  5. Just stumbled across your blog looking for dining room ideas, and I LOVE this rug!! Tell me though, when I'm looking on the West Elm website, one of the pictures makes it look more like hot pink. In your picture it looks more like rose and coral. Which would you say is more accurate in real life?