The Headband Bowl

My little girl is a headband girl.  I find this funny because I think I wore the same black headband for a year in Jr. High.  You know, for the poof in the front and the air perm in the back.  Anyway, I'd been searching for a solution for storing her headbands for a while and I hadn't seen anything functional or nice looking.  As a last resort I went to BB&B to buy a wall mount paper towel holder like this one but they didn't have the selection.  Then I went to Home Goods to check out the baskets my blogger friend Shelli of a' la mode told us about a couple weeks ago.  I was so excited to find the baskets on clearance!  This cute basket was $5, tell it to your neighbor!  Have you seen these similar ones from Serena & Lilly for a lot more $$?

the headband bowl, headband holder

And so it came to be, The Headband Bowl.  It's holding about 16 headbands and we still have room for more.  It's about 10" in Diameter and 4 1/2" Tall.  I think it's pretty and functional! 

Here are few similar bowls I think would do the trick as a headband holder:

If I find more bowls, I'll add them on Pinterest.  Follow me and we can share more!  Click here.

On another note, my whole family has had the stomach bug except me and now we're on to croup.  So I haven't had much time to post.  Can't wait for everyone to get better!

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