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Today I got to go to a happy place of mine.  My husband has family ties to Southern Floral, a floral wholesaler to the trade, and I LOVE it there!  The people there might be the nicest people on the planet!  So, I was preparing for a Moms Group I'll be speaking at tomorrow night and I thought it would be fun to do something DIY like a simple floral workshop!  You'll have to stay posted to see the outcome of that but for now, here is a peek at a floral wholesale operation:

Pallet of Peonies, gorgeous!
This is apparently a new color/species? of Hydrangea.
Julep cups.
Pass the mic?  So that's what the inside of my wedding bouquet looked like!

Let's take a step into the fridge, these photos are a little blurry, I must have been shivering:

Wish you were here!
I should have bundled up like these Tulips!  I always forget how cold it is in this fridge!
Here's the assembly line that will soon be packed and busy making Mother's Day arrangements places like Kroger:

I wish I had a workstation like this!  Maybe someday I'll work here.
the end
I love you, Susan, Scherry and Michael!  Thank you for always being so kind every single time I stop by Southern Floral!

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