Jumping For Joy

This spring I am loving this backyard energy burner we got for the kiddos!  It was the big "Santa Gift" we debated over for days.  If we could have sampled it, there would not have been a debate because now we know:
  • It's a blast!
  • It's outdoors.
  • It costs a fraction of a playscape.
  • It burns the energy of a 2 1/2 year old boy.
  • It's not too big for the little ones.
  • Our kids can help themselves and play independently.
See how low it is to the ground!
  • It's easy to install (my husband put this together on Christmas Eve in the dark with only the patio light and a head lamp, ha!)
  • It stays up all the time, always ready to go! (no inflate and deflate time like a bounce house).
  • It's easy to move around the yard so the grass doesn't die.
  • It's easy to clean, I just tip it over and knock all the leaves down and tap them out.
  • It has great safety features: netting and a padded frame. 

We are loving it!  And I think it's changed my life!  My little boy is happier because he can go somewhere to get all that energy out.  Our kids go back and forth between this special trampoline and our big folding slide.  I love this fantastic outdoor toy, it has us jumping for joy!  It's the Little Tikes First Trampoline (7')!

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FYI - I should take the balls out and Little Tikes says this is for one child.

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