Best Slip Ever

This is the most amazing slip ever.  I had been wearing a slip from high school (my sister was too, she posted about it here) until last spring, my sister pointed out my white slip hanging 2 inches below my dress.  Ha!  It took a moment like this to put a new slip at the top of my shopping list.  I needed one, I just never thought about it when I was out shopping.  I didn't know something so revolutionary existed.  The brand is called Commando.  Here's why it's so amazing, revolutionary and why I love it:

1.  It has no elastic waist!  The edges are raw (just cut fabric) so no lines or bumps are created by wearing it.  Also, the comfortable dress you're wearing can stay comfortable because you don't have to wear a slip with an elastic waist underneath.  No lines at your tummy!

 2.  It's microfiber fabric!  It's soft, cool and it doesn't stick to your skin or clothes.  I've washed and dried this slip a ton and it still looks brand new:

3.  It's weighted at the side seam!  There are tiny weights sewn into the side seams to prevent this slip from riding up.  And you don't ever have to pull the slip down, the weights do the work!  It took me 6 months to discover this feature.  Genius!

Save yourself from discomfort (or embarrassment like me) this spring and summer and just order this slip now.  Nordstrom.com has free shipping and returns, beats driving to the mall and standing in the dressing room!  I have the Half Slip and now I want the Commando Tailored Slip for under my tank maxi dresses.

Best Slip Ever, Quick Links:

Seriously, Best. Slip. Ever.


  1. THank you. I need a new slip. But, I will say, my favorite slip ever are SHORTS!!! Super comfy and I can wear under anything!

  2. TY, TY, TY for posting this. Ordering.

  3. Thanks for posting needed to get something to wear under dresses!

  4. Awesome!! Definitely need to invest in this. Thanks for sharing.

  5. oh, I had no IDEA. Thanks for this - I need one!

  6. Got the awesome slip! Next prob. I can Still see my hanky pankys under it. Any more great recs???

  7. I wear a smooth and nude thong under this slip and I don't have an issue with seeing it. Also, my sister and I like to buy our panties a little big so they're not too tight, helps with avoiding bumps and lines. I guess I should have mentioned the thong in the post, I hope this helps!