Welcome Home Baby

Here are a couple sweet ideas for welcoming home a sweet baby to the neighborhood.

Idea #1:  If you are hosting a baby shower, make a wreath out of Baby's Breath to welcome your guests.  Then after the baby arrives use the same wreath on the couple's front door as a quiet way to say, "Welcome home baby!"  Baby's Breath dries amazingly.

Do you see the wreath on the door in the back ground?
We did this for my sister four years ago and she loved it!  The idea of Baby's Breath (a.k.a. Gyp for Gypsophila) for a baby shower came from a book I have, Real Simple Celebrations (here's a pic).  I figured this flower was crazy affordable but I didn't know it was also crazy fragrant!  And I LOVE the way it looks when used in crazy mass abundance!

(this was my living room four years ago)
Idea #2:  If you're visiting a new Mom and baby, bring them a keepsake julep cup filled with a mass of beautiful Gyp.  A beautiful gift for both: flowers for Mom and a silver cup to keep for baby.  This idea was the basis for the workshop at the Moms Group last week.  Here's one pic from the night:

And for a little something extra, the julep cup could even be engraved.  I love this hexagonal julep cup (engraved or not) from the new M&G.  And it's on sale for Mother's Day!:

I'll have more pics from the Moms Group hosted by my sister at her house in the next post.  In the meantime, I can't stop thinking about this Gyp wedding arrangement I found while brainstorming on Pinterest:

Source: stylemepretty.com via Erica on Pinterest

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Southern Floral

Today I got to go to a happy place of mine.  My husband has family ties to Southern Floral, a floral wholesaler to the trade, and I LOVE it there!  The people there might be the nicest people on the planet!  So, I was preparing for a Moms Group I'll be speaking at tomorrow night and I thought it would be fun to do something DIY like a simple floral workshop!  You'll have to stay posted to see the outcome of that but for now, here is a peek at a floral wholesale operation:

Pallet of Peonies, gorgeous!
This is apparently a new color/species? of Hydrangea.
Julep cups.
Pass the mic?  So that's what the inside of my wedding bouquet looked like!

Let's take a step into the fridge, these photos are a little blurry, I must have been shivering:

Wish you were here!
I should have bundled up like these Tulips!  I always forget how cold it is in this fridge!
Here's the assembly line that will soon be packed and busy making Mother's Day arrangements places like Kroger:

I wish I had a workstation like this!  Maybe someday I'll work here.
the end
I love you, Susan, Scherry and Michael!  Thank you for always being so kind every single time I stop by Southern Floral!

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Travel Edition: Punta Mita and The St. Regis

A friend on facebook was asking about ideas for a 10th Year Anniversary Trip.  This reminded me of our Anniversary Trip last June and I can't believe I haven't shared it with you yet!  If you're planning a momentous or luxurious trip like a Honeymoon, Babymoon or a trip for an Anniversary, Punta Mita  and The St. Regis is a dream, it's paradise, tell it to your neighbor!!

Here's why I would recommend this place to the President of the United States:

#1 Location.  Fly into Puerto Vallarta and The St. Regis Resort's transportation service will pick you up in a Navigator at the aeropuerto and drive you an hour north to the peninsula and gated community of Punta Mita.
#2  The Rooms.  I believe the sleeping conditions on your vacation can take your experience from amazing to amaze-balls.  So when we wanted to change rooms for a better "ocean view" our butler was more than happy to let us choose from three rooms.  I thought, "it doesn't hurt to ask."  And it payed off, here's our Deluxe Room, Ocean View:

And here's our big patio where we ate breakfast every morning:

#3  The Pools.  This is my love language.  An infinity pool speaks to me and they had 3 separate giant ones, tell it to your neighbor!  And if it looks like we were the only people there, it felt like it.    The lounge chair to guest ratio must have been 100 to 1!

#4 The Spa.  Remède was the name of the spa at the St. Regis and it may have been the best spa experience I've ever had, beyond relaxing.  Each day they had different treatment specials and we took full advantage of it.  Have you ever had a Vichy treatment?  So cool!  And am I dreaming or did we really get a couples pedicure in this setting?

#5  St. Regis Rituals.  Every Friday evening at sunset there is a champagne sabering ritual where champagne and cocktails are complementary!  Also every morning a small Bloody Mary is served with your breakfast.

#6 The Beach.  Cabanas, paddle boarding and one woman selling handmade jewelry, just right!  The water was a little chilly so I got in only a couple times.  I just enjoyed the sweetness of doing nothing here!  Here's the necklace I bought from the jewelry maker:

#7 Golf.  The Punta Mita Golf Course is a Jack Nicklaus creation and it has 8 ocean-facing holes.  It was perfect for me because we could take our time.  It felt like we were the only people playing.  Nothing could beat the Tale of the Whale hole, it was fun to hit the ball across the water to the green!

#8 Dinner at Sufi.  We almost cancelled our reservations to this "off the resort" restaurant because we didn't want to "get ready" on our last night.  But the person who recommended to eat here said it was the best restaurant they'd ever been to so we had to go!  And they weren't lying!!!  This was a WOW!  The food and the setting!  We cannot stop talking about the Cucumber Margaritas and the Three Tomatoes Salad.

#9 Dining at The Resort.  We loved dining casual at the Sea Breeze Restaurant with a view of the ocean.  When we were by the pool we liked ordering from the Las Marietas restaurant.  I still think about the cucumber, watermelon and jicama salad we ate by the pool!

#10  Sunsets and Service.  Everyday, extra-special, above and beyond.

Please put The St. Regis Punta Mita on your list for a once-in-a-lifetime romantic vacation!  You'll feel like a celebrity who's rented the resort all to yourself!  We want to go back!

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Jumping For Joy

This spring I am loving this backyard energy burner we got for the kiddos!  It was the big "Santa Gift" we debated over for days.  If we could have sampled it, there would not have been a debate because now we know:
  • It's a blast!
  • It's outdoors.
  • It costs a fraction of a playscape.
  • It burns the energy of a 2 1/2 year old boy.
  • It's not too big for the little ones.
  • Our kids can help themselves and play independently.
See how low it is to the ground!
  • It's easy to install (my husband put this together on Christmas Eve in the dark with only the patio light and a head lamp, ha!)
  • It stays up all the time, always ready to go! (no inflate and deflate time like a bounce house).
  • It's easy to move around the yard so the grass doesn't die.
  • It's easy to clean, I just tip it over and knock all the leaves down and tap them out.
  • It has great safety features: netting and a padded frame. 

We are loving it!  And I think it's changed my life!  My little boy is happier because he can go somewhere to get all that energy out.  Our kids go back and forth between this special trampoline and our big folding slide.  I love this fantastic outdoor toy, it has us jumping for joy!  It's the Little Tikes First Trampoline (7')!

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FYI - I should take the balls out and Little Tikes says this is for one child.


Round Top Report Spring 2013

Here's a report on our trip to Round Top this spring.  It was a little different than our usual routine because we went the weekend before the majority of the shows were open.  The consensus is that going early is worth it!  The pictures tell the story.

Parking is usually a breeze, but we didn't see the sign and we were so close to getting towed!

I'll be updating the How To Round Top, Part 2 post because I had my favorite guy's name wrong!  His name is Ken Bizzell of KB Design located at Excess.  I love talking to him and I wish I could spend a day working with him wherever he works.  These are keys from a piano that had been destroyed in a fire.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't bring this home for my wall!:

I did bring home a several of these piano hammers(?), hopefully I can create something cool for my master bedroom with them, I thought the colors were pretty:

Also at Excess, I thought this sideways clock was cool.  The coffee mug gives away it's size:

In Warrenton, I should have taken this big linen flag for $50.  I hope I find another one someday:

We discovered an awesome rug source in the North Gate Fields.  Nomadic Trading Co.:

They basically bleach old rugs and dye them in a single color.  Love!:

My next rug will have to be a hemp rug.  The fiber is supposed to be super strong and this guy says he throws it in a commercial front loader to clean it.  Awesome for dog owners!  Hemp rugs:

Another new source from North Gate Fields for lamps made of relics, Peter's Lamps:

I thought these he made were cool for my friends with ties to NOLA:

From Blue Hills I found this cloche that was priced too high for me.  Ever since I saw this cute post from Inspired by Charm I've been wanting one:

Also at Blue Hills, I purchased this table from Bull Chic for my Master Plan!  We negotiated and settled on $200,  great deal I think!  It's going to be my nightstand (I'll find a new spot for the trunk):

These awesome tall antlers at Blue Hills were SOLD when I went back for a 2nd look:

More at Blue Hills, a silver Art Deco tea set and a beautiful pine chest from Antiques of Dallas:

The best part of going early was being able to watch Lone Ranger Antiques unload his Swedish furniture!  Here we are loading up purchases:


Zapp Hall wasn't open yet so we found a new place to hang, The Stone Cellar.  I don't think they were expecting the crowd but I bet they will next time!  Fun band to listen to:

Last but not least we stopped at Leftovers and picked up a few things:

After the eggs, I was so excited to find this paper marbling kit!  Can't wait to try it!:

That's it!  I wish I could have gone back a few times before it was all over, but there's always next fall!