How To: Round Top, Part 2

So now that we've covered (and hopefully simplified) how to survive Round Top (food, water, shelter) in Part 1 of this post, let's talk about the purpose, shopping!  The antiques fair is so big that at my pace it's not possible to see it all.  However, I've seen the Kuhl-Linscomb owners out there a few times sprinting through the fields and at their pace they probably do get to shop it all!  Anyway, these are our "must go" places to shop.   This list will be geographical starting north of Round Top and heading south on SH 237.  Here's an interactive custom map I made just for you:

1.  Blue Hills:  Oh I love you, Blue Hills!  This is where I purchased my coffee cart (click here) and my globe (click here).

2. Old Henry Farms:  This is where Mr. Turney, the Lone Ranger of Swedish antiques, is located.  I'm still looking for a Swedish clock with a "ghost" of the old paint.  Also, Legendary Lighting is here, they build lamps and their attention to detail is amazing!  I picked up this lady from them last fall, it's a replica of a Cadillac hood ornament:

Old Henry Farms, Legendary Lighting, Cadillac Hood Ornament
3.  Arbor Antiques:  This is where they have the luxury "port-o-let" as my Aunt Nancy would say.  The shopping though is better than the restrooms, so many great vendors here and several have margaritas!  One of my favorite booths is Olé San Miguel, my sister has posted about their shirts as one of her "favorite things"(click here), love them:

4. Marburger Farm - This show is the best.  They are only open at the end of Antiques Week. It costs to get in and parking costs as well.  My theory for Marburger is that they've been shopping the rest of the shows in the wee hours of the morning grabbing the best stuff before their own opening.  So, if you don't feel like weeding through the fields just go straight to Marburger.  Their stuff is pricier but it's a great place to find art, get ideas, spot trends and buy one of a kind.

5.  EXCESS Fields - This is where my favorite vendors in all of Round Top are located.  Strangely, I can't remember their names.  I've tried to decipher the business cards and I think my main guys are Dave, Walter and my fav, Ken(he built the lamps in my dining room, click here).  Good thing EXCESS is small, so just make sure to see the tents in this field!  I promise to figure it out on our next trip.   Here are a few things from our last visit there:

I think this is Dave, he has great collections.
I think this is Walter with AtticTurnovers, I love the scale of his stuff, giant.
This is Ken Bizzell, this is my favorite booth to see in all of Round Top, can wait to see something new he's built!  
6.  Warrenton Fields -  On the South East side of 237 there are fields starting from the #5 EXCESS and and a little past Legal Tender Saloon from the Part 1 of this post.  Find a place to park and just walk this big area, this is where you do the best digging to find gems (if you're into the hunt).  My Aunt and I thought this booth, Suburban Outlaws was pretty cute:

7. Leftovers Antiques - This shop is not along the stretch of SH 237, it's a great place to hit on the way home if you're headed back through Brenham on 290 (if you zoom out on the map you'll find it's location).  Love this store, it's where I found our 5 arm wall hook (click here to see it).  So if you didn't find anything in Round Top and you don't want to head home empty handed, stop at Leftovers!  Or head here if you're tired of the rain:

Before you go, let's talk parking.  Most of these shows listed have free parking.  Sometimes you have to drive to the back of a field or to the side of a field or straight through a field to find parking.  If you see a place to park and you're not blocking anything and it doesn't look like anyone can block you, then the spot is yours, own it. :)  I've never seen any designated "vendor" parking, so no worries of breaking the rules.

So, book it Dan-O, you'll have a blast!

If you need further assistance check out the Show Daily's website here or Antique Weekend's website here. :)

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