An Easter Basket For the Years

Our Mom hand-painted our Easter baskets with flowers and our names.  And we used the same ones every year.  They were special to us.  I wish I could have done the same but I just couldn't find the time.  Anyway, I still wanted my daughter's Easter basket to be somewhat personal and made by me.  So I came up with the easiest personalized one-of-a-kind basket on earth.  Here's how to do it:

1.  Find a basket from a craft store with an open weave, like this one from Michael's:

Or these:

2.  Find a ribbon you love or a ribbon you think a kiddo will love (I've seen ribbon with trains at Michael's).  I found this ribbon in the wedding section and I thought the die-cut look was pretty cute and Easter-y:

I'm a little Mommy Dearest-y about wires in ribbon.  Ha!  I thought these were cute non-wire options at Jo-Ann's:

3.  Weave the ribbon through the basket:

4.  Tie it off with a bow:

 5.  Add crinkle to the bottom, this gives everything a little lift:

6.  Fill 'er up! 

easter basket ideas

This year I'm considering an idea I saw on Pinterest to fill the baskets with art supplies (I'm obsessed with the Kid Made Modern supplies at Target).  The basket is pretty cute but I think that might be more of a gift for myself than a gift for them.  So I might stick with the essentials: a bunny, books, Crocs and treats.

7.  Lastly and most importantly, if these baskets are going to make it through the years, store them the night before where the dog can't reach!:

In just a few minutes these baskets became personal and special to us.  Just like my Mom's hand-painted baskets, we plan on using them for the rest of our egg hunting years!

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  1. Where did you find the shelf and hooks you have mounted on the door (that the Easter baskets sit on top of)? I love it!