Fresh Flowers for the Door

Last weekend we went to Round Top before most shows were open and it was amazing!  We stopped at Leftovers Antiques in Brenham a couple times and I picked up this hanging basket for the door for $18.95.  I was hoping to create something special and fresh for my door for the Easter weekend.

I love Ranunculus and Central Market had them on sale!  And I thought they'd look pretty with the aromatic Seeded Eucalyptus.

I put sandwich tupperware in the bottom of this basket to take up space.  Then I taped gallon size freezer bags, triple thick, to the top of the basket.  The tape is clear so you can't really see it.  I also took 4 strips of tape across the top to serve as a "frog" and hold the flowers up (not shown).  Then I filled the bag about halfway full with water and a little sprinkle of the flower food.  Be careful to add not too much of the food because I think it sometimes bleaches the flower petals.

I hung it on the door with the upside down Command adhesive hook still there from Valentine's Day.

Now, this is my first fresh door hanging so I had no idea how it would do outside.  The weather has been amazing here in Houston, so I think I've been lucky!  Here is a pic of Day 1:

Easter door decoration

Day 2:

Day 3:

I can't believe how well they are doing outside in a ziplock bag even if the weather is amazing.  There will be many more fresh flowers hanging on my door in the future! 

So based on these results you could hang fresh flowers on your door on Good Friday and they'd still be beautiful for Easter Sunday! (as long as it's not scorching for freezing)


Master Plan and Inspiration

Inspiration struck at Club Monaco...

Our master bedroom has been bothering me for a while.  It feels like a hodge podge of leftovers.  And it doesn't feel like us, in fact I shut the door when people come over because it's not a reflection of my style and I don't want anyone to see it.  I'm not even ready to post a "before" pic for the same reason.  So to get the ball rolling on solving this problem I started a Pinterest Board called Master Overhaul, you can find it and follow it here.

I use Pinterest for brainstorming and inspiration and it helps me with direction.  When I can see everything I'm considering in one spot and at the same time I can make decisions without having to purchase anything.  So, it was happening, I was beginning to find a way to marry the unchangeable parts in our room: the cobalt tile in our bathroom, our red leather chair, silver bed, white dressers and my night stand area.  The look of the room below seemed to be the most inspirational image I could find.  I like the chambray sheets, the overall presence of white and cream and the touch of floral.  This room is a great balance of masculine and feminine.  I also liked the dark walls but I wasn't sure if I could do black...

Then I walked into Club Monaco and saw this "navy black" accent wall, I knew this could be our wall color.   It would look great with the cobalt blue tile in our master bath!  I also loved the touch of floral here and it reminded me of a duvet I'd had my eye on... and so it all came together.

Here's the Master Plan:


Paint Color: I asked the manager of Club Monaco and she said Raccoon something and I found it!   (Benjamin Moore, Raccoon Fur, 2126-20)

Touch of floral for color: I thought I'd said good-bye to floral 6 years ago but I think I need a little bit back in my life.   The plan is to fold this duvet at the end of our bed and use when we get cold.  It's from Urban Outfitters, it's a great price point and I'm so impressed! (Romantic Floral Scarf Duvet Cover, Urban Outfitters)

The Main Bedding, A White Quilt:  This was a splurge, I've been waiting and waiting for it to go on sale, but Nordstrom Triple Rewards days did me in.  It will arrive next week, love the circles! (DKNY 'Pure Romance' Quilt, Nordstrom)

Sheets, Chambray Looking:  Nate Berkus has a set of Chambray Sheets in his Target line and there is a price cut so I thought I'd try them out.  And if I like them, I'll mix them with these Ralph Lauren blue and white sheets, also on sale for just one more day!  (Nate Berkus Sheet Set, Blue, Target and Lauren Ralph Lauren, Villa Martine Queen Sheet Set, Macy's)

Bed Skirt, Linen:  If you follow TITYN on facebook then you know there was a 20% off sale at Serena & Lily and I ordered this Linen Bed Skirt.  It arrived today! (Linen Bedskirt, Serena & Lily)

As everything arrives, I'm getting excited!  Here's a peek into the future:

And I don't know what I'm going to do about a rug.  That big purchase will have to wait a little bit.  Stay posted for a reveal as soon as we get this room painted!

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Gorgeous Easter Eggs

"Aren't these eggs gorgeous?  They're amazing!  Have you seen the Easter eggs?"  This is what I keep repeating to my Husband and Sister.  The reason I'm so impressed is because our kiddos (ages 2, 3 and 5) painted them!  Maybe I'm excited too because this Easter activity was about to be a bust and it turned into a beautiful success!

This art activity was inspired by my egg dying mess and failure last year.  It was also inspired by my son's Motor Class activity, laying on the floor and making balls move by blowing on them, he kept reenacting it so I knew it had to be fun!  So, this is how we painted these swirling Easter eggs.  Here are our supplies:
  • Paper Mache Eggs, found at Michael's (wooden eggs would work too, found it the wood section)
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Acrylic Paint Set, found at Michael's (I liked this set because it had a wide variety of colors, no mixing needed to make pink)
  • Shoe box tops
  • Popsicle sticks
  • A shallow cup or bowl
Step 1:  In a wide shallow cup or bowl (mine was too small) add a good amount of white acrylic paint (thin the paint by adding water).  Then, dip baby dip to cover the Paper Mache Eggs white.

This is big time messy with helpers so you may want do this as prep ahead of time.  I had tiny white dots of acrylic paint splattered everywhere on my granite!

2.  Let the excess paint drip off into an egg carton.  Then allow to completely dry on foil or plastic baggies.  Don't stress about nicks in the paint, the colored paint will cover it up.  For faster drying, flip the eggs every now and then.

3.  Once the paint dries, the fun can begin!  Pour rows of colored paint onto a shoe box lid.  Like this:

I liked the results of the rainbow color combo the best but we also played around with an Easter looking combo:

4.  Get the kiddos READY TO ROLL!  My original plan was to blow the egg with a straw across the stripes.  But I really wasn't thinking because when the egg reached the paint it came to a halt.  I thought this whole activity was a bust!

The kids didn't think it was a bust.  They just used their straw to tap and roll it through the paint.  They sure knew how to roll with the punches:

To prevent the paint from getting too stirred up we had each egg make 1 to 1 1/2 trips through the stripes before we picked it up to take a look.

The kids loved watching the paint mix onto the white egg.  Even the dude with a short attention span had fun:

We placed these on big Ziploc baggies to dry and then for faster drying we flipped them over every once and a while.  Here are a few more pics of the finished product:

I've always wanted to attempt Japanese Paper Marbling (click here to see it in action, it's called Suminagashi), but I had no idea we'd sorta be doing it to decorate Easter eggs!

They are works of art made by little kids.  And I can get enough!

Last pic.  Suminagashi Easter Eggs standing at attention!:

If you get inspired by this post, please please post pics on the TITYN facebook page!  I'd love to share and post them in an album.  Have fun with this Easter Activity for Kids (or for grown-ups like me)!  I'm keeping these eggs forever!


An Easter Basket For the Years

Our Mom hand-painted our Easter baskets with flowers and our names.  And we used the same ones every year.  They were special to us.  I wish I could have done the same but I just couldn't find the time.  Anyway, I still wanted my daughter's Easter basket to be somewhat personal and made by me.  So I came up with the easiest personalized one-of-a-kind basket on earth.  Here's how to do it:

1.  Find a basket from a craft store with an open weave, like this one from Michael's:

Or these:

2.  Find a ribbon you love or a ribbon you think a kiddo will love (I've seen ribbon with trains at Michael's).  I found this ribbon in the wedding section and I thought the die-cut look was pretty cute and Easter-y:

I'm a little Mommy Dearest-y about wires in ribbon.  Ha!  I thought these were cute non-wire options at Jo-Ann's:

3.  Weave the ribbon through the basket:

4.  Tie it off with a bow:

 5.  Add crinkle to the bottom, this gives everything a little lift:

6.  Fill 'er up! 

easter basket ideas

This year I'm considering an idea I saw on Pinterest to fill the baskets with art supplies (I'm obsessed with the Kid Made Modern supplies at Target).  The basket is pretty cute but I think that might be more of a gift for myself than a gift for them.  So I might stick with the essentials: a bunny, books, Crocs and treats.

7.  Lastly and most importantly, if these baskets are going to make it through the years, store them the night before where the dog can't reach!:

In just a few minutes these baskets became personal and special to us.  Just like my Mom's hand-painted baskets, we plan on using them for the rest of our egg hunting years!


Free Advice

Last week I had the chance to take a last minute trip to New York City and for some crazy reason I had anxiety and I didn't easily change my plans for the weekend.  But with the help of my cheerleaders I flew to New York and had an awesome trip!  One of my favorite moments from the trip came from this guy hanging out at the Union Square Farmers Market:

free advice in new york city

He was giving out FREE ADViCE (donations appreciated).  I loved everything about this, his confidence, him giving something to get something, the pure entertainment of whatever he would say,  the pure entertainment he probably gets from the questions and the serendipity!  So I was all over this, I just couldn't think of a question.  I asked my friends to ask him something and then finally I just spit something out, "How do I get my little boy to stop hitting his sister?"

free parenting advice from a new yorker

He probably doesn't get many requests for advice on parenting a toddler so I explained that my son is 2 1/2 years old and he just wants his big sister to give him attention, play with him and she's not always game.  Then he seemed stumped, we even suggested asking a different question, but he said no, he just needed to think.  Then the good stuff came out, he said, "Be firm... be gentle... but be firm... and be consistent."  And then he said, "From what I know, consistency is the main thing."  Firm, gentle and consistent, sounds like the man knows what he's talking about!

His name was Felix and I took away more than parenting advice.  He was warm and kind as he offered his advice and he didn't care what we thought of him.  He was confident sharing his feelings with strangers in hopes to help them.  Now, no one is asking me for advice, but I was reminded of something helpful last week and it made such a difference that I want to share it.  When I was feeling overwhelmed and thinking too many "what ifs" it was helpful to change my thoughts by living one step at a time.

one step at a time
One Step At A Time by Emma Margaret of Doodle Designs on Etsy.
Usually I am reminded of this and need this when times are bad.  But times are pretty good and I still need help.  Juggling the fun stuff is even a struggle because I still have work to do!  I don't want to miss a trip to New York because the house is a wreck and I'm worried about stuff.  That's crazy talk!  So I prayed about it.  Then I remembered, ONE STEP AT A TIME, and so I did.  And it's helping me live in the NOW and absorb these fun times.

Now the cherry on top of this NYC trip was a reminder from Justin Timberlake on SNL.  On our last night there I was watching him live from our hotel room perform his new love song (and my new favorite song), Mirrors.  He says, "Show me how to fight for now... Yesterday is history, Tomorrow's a mystery."  Here he is for your entertainment:

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors (Live on SNL HD) from jeboy.. on Vimeo.

So, I'm fighting for now, one step at a time, trying not to worry about tomorrow.


How To: Round Top, Part 2

So now that we've covered (and hopefully simplified) how to survive Round Top (food, water, shelter) in Part 1 of this post, let's talk about the purpose, shopping!  The antiques fair is so big that at my pace it's not possible to see it all.  However, I've seen the Kuhl-Linscomb owners out there a few times sprinting through the fields and at their pace they probably do get to shop it all!  Anyway, these are our "must go" places to shop.   This list will be geographical starting north of Round Top and heading south on SH 237.  Here's an interactive custom map I made just for you:

1.  Blue Hills:  Oh I love you, Blue Hills!  This is where I purchased my coffee cart (click here) and my globe (click here).

2. Old Henry Farms:  This is where Mr. Turney, the Lone Ranger of Swedish antiques, is located.  I'm still looking for a Swedish clock with a "ghost" of the old paint.  Also, Legendary Lighting is here, they build lamps and their attention to detail is amazing!  I picked up this lady from them last fall, it's a replica of a Cadillac hood ornament:

Old Henry Farms, Legendary Lighting, Cadillac Hood Ornament
3.  Arbor Antiques:  This is where they have the luxury "port-o-let" as my Aunt Nancy would say.  The shopping though is better than the restrooms, so many great vendors here and several have margaritas!  One of my favorite booths is Olé San Miguel, my sister has posted about their shirts as one of her "favorite things"(click here), love them:

4. Marburger Farm - This show is the best.  They are only open at the end of Antiques Week. It costs to get in and parking costs as well.  My theory for Marburger is that they've been shopping the rest of the shows in the wee hours of the morning grabbing the best stuff before their own opening.  So, if you don't feel like weeding through the fields just go straight to Marburger.  Their stuff is pricier but it's a great place to find art, get ideas, spot trends and buy one of a kind.

5.  EXCESS Fields - This is where my favorite vendors in all of Round Top are located.  Strangely, I can't remember their names.  I've tried to decipher the business cards and I think my main guys are Dave, Walter and my fav, Ken(he built the lamps in my dining room, click here).  Good thing EXCESS is small, so just make sure to see the tents in this field!  I promise to figure it out on our next trip.   Here are a few things from our last visit there:

I think this is Dave, he has great collections.
I think this is Walter with AtticTurnovers, I love the scale of his stuff, giant.
This is Ken Bizzell, this is my favorite booth to see in all of Round Top, can wait to see something new he's built!  
6.  Warrenton Fields -  On the South East side of 237 there are fields starting from the #5 EXCESS and and a little past Legal Tender Saloon from the Part 1 of this post.  Find a place to park and just walk this big area, this is where you do the best digging to find gems (if you're into the hunt).  My Aunt and I thought this booth, Suburban Outlaws was pretty cute:

7. Leftovers Antiques - This shop is not along the stretch of SH 237, it's a great place to hit on the way home if you're headed back through Brenham on 290 (if you zoom out on the map you'll find it's location).  Love this store, it's where I found our 5 arm wall hook (click here to see it).  So if you didn't find anything in Round Top and you don't want to head home empty handed, stop at Leftovers!  Or head here if you're tired of the rain:

Before you go, let's talk parking.  Most of these shows listed have free parking.  Sometimes you have to drive to the back of a field or to the side of a field or straight through a field to find parking.  If you see a place to park and you're not blocking anything and it doesn't look like anyone can block you, then the spot is yours, own it. :)  I've never seen any designated "vendor" parking, so no worries of breaking the rules.

So, book it Dan-O, you'll have a blast!

If you need further assistance check out the Show Daily's website here or Antique Weekend's website here. :)