This Is Why I Love BBQ, Day 4

Judging Day!

Aprons for the judges.
My table ready for the first round of judging.
My friends and fellow Judge Coordinators.
Finalist announcements!  I spy with my little eye, Aggie Coach Sumlin!
A finalist turning in their meat.  So cool to watch this, they are so proud and everyone is cheering for them.
Final Round.  I spy with my little eye, Aggie Coach Sumlin again!
Empty Cab line when I was leaving at 7:30pm, the police officer said by 10:30 it would be a 2.5 hour wait!
This is 8 years of Show pride!
It was pretty cool to see the Aggie Coach in our HQ.  I worked up the guts to ask Coach Sumlin for a picture with him, I wanted it for my neighbors, but I was rejected!  Another guy asked at the same time as me and Coach chose the guy and then split, I was so embarrassed!  I don't ever ask celebrities for pics and that sealed the deal on never wanting to again!

Click here to find out who won the contest.

We cleaned up early this year so there will be no Day 5.  Let the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo fun begin!

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