Oscars Party

For the past 5 years I've had a very small and casual Academy Awards Watch Party at my house.  We always have a blast and I look forward to it all year and I'm pretty sure my friends do too.  I usually have no time to throw it all together (it's usually right after I volunteer for a week at the Rodeo BBQ) so it's all very simple and I wouldn't be able to do it without my Husband and my Sister.   Here's how we do it:

I email a save-the-date on the same day the academy announces the nominees (later I send an email with more details).  To get everyone excited the email comes from a leading man:

To greet my friends, this is my attempt at a red carpet.   Click here for the better one I've used in the past, I couldn't find in my closet this year.

There is no time for flowers so we cut a few leaves from the yard to set the mood.

For our libations, I found these up-cycled trophy wine stoppers from Annette's Touch of Class at the Nutcracker and I thought they'd be perfect for this party, love them:

I took a last minute trip to Target for cupcake ingredients and so I was also looking for anything Red, Black or Gold to help set the stage.  I found Twizzlers, Sprintz Napkins, Rolos and Oreos.

Everybody flips for the Red Velvet cupcakes I make every year.  So, I'm going to have to do a separate post on how I tweak the "from the box" cupcakes, they are TDF!!

I love to toast, who doesn't like to say Cheers?!  The black and white paper straws I had in a drawer helped to make it festive!  Click here for the straws.

My friends come in their most comfy clothes and they graciously bring an appetizer.  We snack on them for dinner the whole time, yummy!

They also bring $10 for our Oscars Pool.

We either print ballots to fill out or this year we filled out our ballots online at RunYourPool.com so we could have a live leaderboard!  Click here for the gadget I used to display our iPad onto the 2nd TV with an HDMI cable.

And the winner of our pool gets to go home with the cash and also our Oscar we've been passing around since we started this tradition.

Next year we're adding earrings to the tradition.  My sister and I felt like we were channeling our Mom when Carly walked in my door and we both had the idea to wear our fanciest earrings with our comfy cozy attire.

I can't forget my friends, they make this party fun.  Someone in the group is either 9 months pregnant, has a newborn at home, is exhausted from a busy weekend or just finished a week of volunteering for BBQ and they all come to play.  Thank you for wonderful friends!


  1. It was so much fun again this year! Thanks so much for being the hostess with the mostess. And, I left without putting my $10 in the pool, so remind me next time I see you! xx

  2. You both remind me of Diane Lane! She is always pulled together and pretty.

  3. What a cute Oscar's party idea! Nothing better than being in your comfy clothes, drinking champagne, and hanging out with your besties! Such a fun tradition.

  4. Love this! I think you have inspired me to start an Oscar party tradition.. and don't forget to post the cupcake recipe- I want that too! :) Thanks for all the great posts