Classroom Valentines Plan

My kids love the lolly pops our dermatologist gives away at check-out, they're the old Saf-T-Pops.  Remember those?  I love them because it makes me think of going to the bank with my Mom when we were kids.  They're the suckers with the loop handle and a letter and number on the pop.  We decided they would make great classroom valentines.
I was trying to figure out where to buy Saf-T-Pops on the manufacturers website and found out they're free of top allergens.  This is something I have to think about with a nephew allergic to dairy and classmates with other allergies.  

I also found they make an all natural Saf-T-Pop!  I have no idea if this Natural pop is good so I ordered both the swirl and the natural from the manufacturer, Spangler, and we'll use the best and save the rest for trips to the grocery store with my crazy little man. :)
Then I needed a card with a pun.  Who doesn't love a valentine with a play on words? "I'm a sucker for you.", "Owl always love you.", "I mustache you to be my valentine."...  I thought it would be new and different to use the word "safe" somehow with the Saf-T-Pops but I couldn't find anything customizable in all my searches of the land of information.  So I went to MamaMoonlights and asked her to design a valentine that said "It's safe to say, I think you're super duper!" on a chalkboard background.  She delivered!

They are fantastic!!!  She's going to tweak the font for me a little bit and then I'll print on card stock at home or OfficeMax.  I love how she designed a slit for us to add the sucker.  My cost for the design was $8, tell it to your neighbor!

For the teachers, I'm going back to Target to get these cute Russell Stover chocolate boxes.  The top of the box is a chalkboard, adorable!!

I'll post the final valentine here or on the TITYN facebook page.  If you're inspired and you'd like to hop on board, the Spangler Saf-T-Pops are available online at Amazon, Walmart and Party City with quick shipping options.  Then send MamaMoonlights a message on Etsy and she'll send you an invoice and a file!

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  1. Great idea! Just ordered the safety pops so I can keep few in my purse for emergencies! :)