Be Part of the eClub

I'm so glad I have overcome my facebook Jewelry Auction addiction.  My newest addiction is more affordable and educational.  It's the Scholastic Book Club and Storia, their new e-reading app!

Our daughter doesn't nap anymore but she still needs some down time (and so do I) so I'm always looking for something relaxing for her to do during "quiet time" and while her brother naps.  I thought the Nook app for our iPad was the answer, but it crashes over and over.  So disappointed!

Then I got an email from our daughter's teacher saying we could submit a Scholastic Book Club order online without having to fill out the form!  I do NOT have a handle on all the papers that come home from school and everything that has to be returned.   So, I logged on with our teacher's code and took a little time to figure out the book club.  The selection and pricing, can't beat it!  Next I saw Scholastic has a free e-reading app, our quite time dreams come true, tell it to your neighbor!!!

So we downloaded Storia, ordered a few books from Scholastic, instantly assigned them to "L's Bookshelf", clicked on a book to read and the app didn't crash!  Score!  We were able to choose from interactive e-books with games and questions, read-to-me books with sound effects and highlighted words or simple e-books to just be read.  All the e-books have the option to be read just like a paperback if you want.

Best part is she loves it!

And he loves it too!  I feel better about him listening to a story on the iPad instead of playing Micky Mouse Road Rally for the 100th time, not that there's anything wrong with that!

2nd best part is reading to a boy who will actually sit still for a whole story!  Maybe this is our changing times at work but he will not sit still for a story unless it's about a train and now he does when I read from the iPad.

3rd best part, when I read to them I can have both my arms around both of them, they can turn the page for me. :)

If you want to be a part of the club, ask a teacher for their code (I'm sure all teachers have one) or use the "find your teacher" search when you add a kiddo.  The teachers get points when we buy from the Scholastic Book Club and they can buy books for their classroom.  Any bonus we can give a teacher is a bonus for everyone!  Did I mention we get free e-books from the club too?!!!

I see $2.99 paperback books as party favors in my little boy's future!


  1. I love this. Just downloaded it, can't wait for kids to try it out!

  2. I have downloaded Storia but just noticed that I couldn't make any ebook order online. Is it only available in USA not Asia?

  3. I have downloaded Storia but just noticed that I couldn't make any ebook order online. Is it only available in USA not Asia?

  4. I am a new follower. Greatly appreciate this info. I was able to find my daughters Church pre-school and order some books!!! Can't wait to get the reader on my iPad at home.