Be A Hero

Can you smell the BBQ yet?!!!!  This week is the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest (a.k.a. Cook-Off) in Houston.  I'm excited!  If you're headed out there or if you've ever been then you know parking is difficult and expensive.  You also know it's a party.  So why not be the Hero of the group?  Make arrangements ahead of time.  Here's some info:

Towne Car has been a sponsor in the past and I took this photo (above) of the koozie they gave each volunteer.  One option is to call them at 713-236-8877 or click HERE.

Another option, did you know there is a Hail a Cab app?  Tell it to your neighbor!  I downloaded it, here's what it would look like if I arranged now for a cab to pick me up on Friday and take me to the Galleria. 

I requested a 6 Passenger Van but Towne Car, MiniVan, Sedan and Wheelchair Accessible are also options.  The estimated fare is $20, the same price it would cost to park in the Astroworld lot.  Be a Hero, click HERE for the app.  Or just call Yellow Cab at 713-236-1111.

I'm a volunteer for the BBQ committee so I'm heading to work there first thing in the morning, can't wait!  I'm planning on posting a few snapshots each day for the rest of the week.  Here are a few of my favorites from years past, enjoy!

This was in the Committee tent.  Hungry?
These are entries from the Dutch Oven Dessert contest held on Friday.  Delicioso!
Last but definitely not least, I bombarded Anthony Yanez, our weather man, on KPRC by sending him pics ( hotshots@click2houston.com ) from the bbq last year.  Finally, this one made it on the news!  Yes, I am this dorky and I'm pretty sure I'm going to try again this year, get ready @ayanezkprc!

Be a Hero, make arrangements today for the BBQ and stay tuned for more "this is why I love BBQ" pics!


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  2. Love these pics, love the rodeo :) Thanks for the tip on the cab --- we will be using that for sure this year! I wish everyone would cab it there, would be so much safer for all

  3. Cabs are going to be crazy tonight - do you think the Towne Car service is more reliable on timing?

  4. Towne Car service was NOT reliable - made a reservation and they never showed up! When we called they said they couldn't guarantee anyone would ever pick us up! Sad...we thought we had found a gem!

  5. Maybe the best way to Be A Hero is to get a limo for the night and have them pick you up and drop you off. I'm sorry Towne car didn't work out! I even stopped and talked to a police officer about it this evening and he said that was the best way, sorry!