Thinking about Rodeo Tickets?

It's true, there's not a bad seat in the house at Rodeo Houston, I'd sit anywhere!  That's how much I love it.  But, there is a best seat in the house and a best Rodeo if you're looking for a special and unique experience.

I stumbled upon these "finds" last season when I took my Dad to see his favorite, Alan Jackson.

We had the choice of sitting anywhere in Reliant Stadium with my badge (I'm a volunteer and this is one of the many perks).  Of course we would have to move our spot if we happen to be sitting in someone's ticketed seat (this always makes me nervous, like I'm a party crasher or something, ha!).  So anyway, we strategically sat on the North West side of the stadium, midway between the chutes and the concert stage.  Little did we know, we were sitting in Cowboy Alley (I made that up), tell it to your neighbor!

The aisle between sections 109 and 110 is where the Cowboys and Cowgirls are escorted by the Rodeo Contestant Hospitality members to the Fan Zone.  So throughout the whole show the contestants walked by us and were stopped by their fans to take a picture or sign an autograph or two.  Can you imagine what a kiddo would think of this???  They would love it!  I had a blast seeing the Cowboy and Cowgirl celebrities all out of breath from competing and being so kind to their fans.  It was so sweet to see a brave little girl go up to her favorite Cowgirl barrel racer for an autograph.

Lindsay Sears, Super Shootout Barrel Racing Champ
So I'd say the seats in section 109 and 110 are the best seats in the house!  As long as you can see Cowboy Alley!

Now to the Best Rodeo to attend.  Allen Jackson last year just happened to be the RodeoHouston Super Shootout.  What is the Super Shootout you ask?  Why it's only the richest one-day Rodeo in the entire world, tell it to your neighbor!  And only the Champs from the other rodeos compete against each other for some real cash.  I guest you could call it Rodeo All-Stars.  It was awesome:

The Super Shootout is the Best Rodeo to attend and this year it's Saturday, March 9th and The Band Perry is performing.  Another benefit, less events (bull riding, barrel racing...) so the officials have more time to interview the contestants on the dirt, the whole thing is very entertaining!

Volunteers can buy their tickets beginning today, Wednesday, and the public can start buying tickets on Saturday.  Did I get you in the rodeo mood, do you want to get your boots on??????  (My sister can help you with that today.)  If only Enrique were coming back this year, I became a Super Fan in this moment: