Styling a Glass Cabinet

I'd been procrastinating on our glass cabinet for 4 years because I had no direction and I didn't want to keep moving the shelves without a plan.  I thought it should be more than a functional cabinet with sets of plates stacked and glasses grouped together, but I was afraid of it looking like a department store registry display.  So I went to google images and Pinterest for inspiration:

The pewter plates in this cabinet I loved and I could do this because I have pewter (not really they are metal of some sort) chargers!:

This I liked because the functional grouping and stacking still looked pretty.  I also liked how they used the platters in here:

I died over this for the antlers and the wood box.  We have a set of antlers and we've been trying to find a place for them!

That inspiration was exactly the push I needed, now it was time to dive in.  Here was the cabinet before I got to work:

And here is the finished product, I'm so excited about it's transformation, it feels so great!

And with the doors open:

I learned a few things while styling and organizing this china cabinet, here are the details:

1.  Good-bye Christmas plates I haven't used in 6 years, my style has changed!  We're having a garage sale this weekend.  Sayonara red plates with white snowflakes.

2. The top is no longer storage, I love the antlers on top, this is my favorite part!  And the antlers looked better when I scooted them forward to catch the light.

3.  Adjust the middle shelves first to fit the height of the backdrop, like my chargers or maybe a pretty platter and allow the top and bottom shelves to shrink in height for shorter tea cups and other things you might want hidden (like Christmas plates).

4.  Stagger the stacks and crystal/glass so you don't end up with a column of glass on one side and a column of plates on the other.

5.  Add a little love.  Put something personal and sentimental as a focal point.  These white Dala Horses were on top of our wedding cake, so they make me smile.

6.  If there's something pale in color or unique like these blush flutes, separate them from the bunch so they're noticeably different.

7.  Placing the stacks of plates on top of a charger or platter helped to separate the plates from the white shelf, just like you would use a tray on a counter to anchor a display.

8.  Place the plates with color at or below eye level, otherwise their design will be missed!

9.  Kid love.  There's something sweet about seeing the Beatrix Potter and Bunnykins in the mix.

10.  This is my 2nd favorite detail!  Hide your Christmas plates, glasses or mugs in a repurposed wine box!

I was excited to find out Spec's sells empty wine boxes for $11.90, tell it to your neighbor!!!  The wood crates next door at Michael's were $13 and they weren't branded in French.  :)

And here's the glass cabinet next to the coffee cart that has made our morning routine easier!

And one last look from the kitchen island:

Good luck to anyone planning on styling or organizing a glass cabinet, I hope the things I figured out help you! 


  1. Love the tip about adjusting the shelves in the middle and letting the top and bottom shrink, GENIUS!

  2. One of my favorite posts! Love the wine box. TITYN!

  3. I was pinteresting the EXACT same thing the other day!! You've inspired me to get moving on it!

  4. Omg. Love this post. Perfect tips that I wouldn't have thought of. Doing mine next!

  5. Looks great! It could also look cute painted for a pop of color...like the blue one you pinned.

  6. Looks great! It could also look cute painted for a pop of color...like the blue one you pinned.

  7. This looks great! I really need to do a redo of the items in my hutch in my kitchen--and especially the 'storage' on top! Thanks for the inspiration.