Service Series: Self-Serve Laminators

Number two in the Service Series I found while doing last minute toy shopping over the holidays.  I went into Lakeshore Learning to get their awesome animals (thank you, Laura) and I saw a mom standing at a laminating machine.  Then I looked up at the sign:

Self-serve laminating for 29¢ per linear foot!  That price is for card members (easy to sign up) and the regular price is 39¢. Immediately a million things went through my mind that I've wanted to laminate but never have because it required a wait or too many trips to the store.  (This series is about things you need NOW.)  Instructions are on the machine:

The mom using the laminator was making Christmas ornaments of her baby's footprint for her whole family, so cute!!!  I could have laminated our play money that has now disappeared, place mats, chalk art, our stay-in-bed chart, pictures to classmates and so on.  Lakeshore offers one "weight" or thickness of film at 1.5 mils.  Today I visited the store and found out about this Free Crafts for Kids on Saturdays:

Love Lakeshore Learning for their toy selection too.  I'm following them on facebook because I like to shop there with a coupon. :)


  1. Please explain your stay-in-bed-chart!

  2. I love laminating. It's one of a teachers favorite toys! Make nearly everything last longer!!! :)))