Service Series: Same-Day Custom Notes

I'm a big online shopper but the busier we get, the more often we're doing things last minute.  While I was out doing last minute shopping over the holidays I discovered three services for when you need something NOW!  The first of these 3 services is at Papyrus, one of my favorite places to buy a card and gift wrap.  They offer 20 custom notes for $20 in 20 to 30 minutes, tell it to your neighbor!

These are nice and thick folded notes and I'm picky about paper thickness.  :)   First, select a design.

Customize with font and/or monogram and colors, endless possibilities!

The design of the month helps with design ideas if you need a little direction.

So simple and fast!  Walk in, place your order, walk over to Kendra Scott's Color Bar, then head back to Papyrus 30 minutes later and walk out with a gift for a friend or for yourself!  Envelopes are included (a nice modern flap) and it comes packaged in this cute organza bag:

Kristen at the Rice Village location said they could even use a logo.  I'm going to need a quick set of "tell it to your neighbor" note cards.

20 very nice personalized note cards with envelopes in an organza bag for just $20 in 20-30 minutes!  I can think of a ton of gifts you might need quickly: a friend's birthday, a surprise for a kiddo in your life (see first photo), Valentine's with a packet of M&Ms included, graduation, bridesmaids, big sis... and so on.  Click here for a Papyrus near you.  Stay posted for the next two services I found on foot. 

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  1. Erica- this is AWESOME! I love stationary and collect it, so I really like hearing about this. Thanks for Telling It To Your Neighbor!