Service Series: Cut It Out!

The number three and last service in this Service Series I found while throwing together party favors for my daughter's birthday.  If you're just tuning in, this series is about the last minute, when you need something NOW.  :)

Well, my daughter's birthday crept up on me and the quickest party favor I could think of was a chocolate bar.  Kid's would like it because it's "candy" and if I put Minnie Mouse on the wrapper my daughter would love it!  So, Mama Moonlights on Etsy designed wrappers for me and sent the file overnight (hey, that's a tell it to your neighbor!).  When I opened the file I realized there was one wrapper per page and I would have to cut out 50 of these and had no time to do so!

Anyway, I had to just bulldoze through it at this point so I went to the Weslayan Plaza OfficeMax and met the nicest associate ever, Lauren.  While standing at the counter I was able to send the file from my phone to the store's email, impress1359@officemax.com .  She quickly printed the wrappers on the sticker paper Mama Moonlights had suggested.  Then I paid, said thank you and turned to the paper cutter.  Lauren must have read my dreadful body language as I geared up to cut out 50 of these wrappers.  She said, "Do you need to cut those?  I can cut them out all at once with our Laser Cutter."  Say what?!!!

     I said, "How much?"
     She said, "$1.09 per cut so times 4 for a square which equals $4.36."
     "How long will it take?"
     "5 minutes."
     "Tell it to your neighbor!"

Here's my stack on the glorious laser cutter.  Do you see the red laser lining up for a cut?

Lauren said she can cut up to a stack of 100 pages.  Here's my stack of 50, very nicely cut:

I was curious about what other uses this laser cutter had besides this and invitations and she said people print and make they're own note pads.  OfficeMax makes them with the wax edge and cardboard backing and everything.  I could make my own babysitter notepad on orange paper if I wanted to!  I also asked about laminating and they offer that as well, with the choice of 3 different weights, if you're not up for self-serve.  Anyway, I was very happy with the outcome of the quick and cute party favors!

Next time you need to cut a big stack of papers, remember OfficeMax has a laser cutter and can do it in 5 minutes!  Go see Lauren at OfficeMax Weslayan Plaza if you have a project and you're in the area!

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