A Steamer Superb!

I mind ironing very much.  Maybe it's because I have bad memories of the summer I took up my Mom's offer of a quarter for every piece of clothing I ironed.  She had a lot of clothes!!!  Anyway, I rarely make it to the cleaners either.  So when Joy Mangano had her mini travel steamer on special for $16.95, it was an easy sell.  That was a year ago and I haven't ironed since!

Here are before and after pictures I sent to my sister, Carly, of our popover.  I think our Mom would say it needs to be pressed.  But steamed is beyond good enough for me, especially for the time it save me.

Carly was sold as well, she wanted to know immediately where to get the steamer.  Now she's even a fan of Joy Mangano's closet changing hangers, she's posting about them today on her amazing fashion blog, C.Style, tell it to your neighbor!  Find the post HERE.

More testimonial on the steamer, I have mucha experiencia in the steaming department.  Another summer (this time I was in college) I worked for Scalamandre, a to-the-trade line of fabrics and more, helping them get settled into a new showroom.  For days and days for hours and hours I steamed the wrinkles out of all sorts of fabrics using a high quality rolling commercial steamer like this one.  After that experience, I found steaming relaxing!

The great news is the Joy Mangano Steamers are just as powerful as the commercial steamer I used in college!  Take a look at this, my daughter's 5th Birthday Morning Surprise was a canopy:

I thought the wrinkles would just fall out, especially because we frequently use a humidifier.  But after months it still looked like this:

This job called for an 8" steamer head so I ordered the Deluxe My Little Steamer Anniversary Set in pink.

The big steamer head was great coverage for the majority of the canopy and the small steamer head was great for the little details like this:

This canopy was so fast and easy to steam with the quick-to-heat-up hand held steamer.  Look at the results:

Here are the links to help you save time and never iron again, think about your bed skirt:
Joy Mangano's Deluxe My Little Steamer
Joy Mangano's Go Mini Steamer
And don't forget to check out Carly's blog for the closet changing hangers and a plethora of outfit ideas:
C. Style
The canopy is from PBteen and it's on sale:
Sequin Pom Pom Canopy


  1. Ok- so if I had to buy just one, should I get the mini steamer or the anniversary set?

  2. Hmmmmm... I think I'd go with the anniversary set so you can steam clothes or a bed skirt or drapes. The anniversary set is still small enough to pack for travel.

  3. I love your posts and ideas! Do you mind sharing where you bought your daughter's daybed? It's so sweet and looking to buy one for my daughter right now... Thanks!

  4. Margaret, I updated the post above with a couple very similar beds, just click on the icon and it will take you to them. I got her bed a long time ago at the pottery barn outlet in san marcos. It's a pottery barn kids bed and I've been very happy with it!