A Hug and a Kiss

"Ahugandakiss, ahugandakiss, ahugandakiss, E?!!!!!" says my 3 year old nephew every time I'm leaving my sister's house.  He calls me "E" and I love how he say's "a hug and a kiss" like it's one word and hopefully I'll never forget it.

XO door hanger

So I wanted to make something for Valentine's Day for our door and then I saw this and this and I was inspired!  First I went looking for the biggest hug and kiss a girl could find.  I found these 13" MDF letters at Hobby Lobby:

I was having a difficult time finding 3 similar shades of glitter for the graduated ombre look until Martha Stewart saved the day at Michael's with this 12 pack, graduating colors included!  Here's a color test I did to find matching Sharpie colors for coloring the letter's edge:

Now here's the process and the rest of the supplies I used.  First I measured for equal spacing of the 3 colors:

Next I colored the edge with the Sharpie.  I should have done the color test on a separate sheet of paper and I should have colored the entire front and back (my backing failed and the background color would have enhanced the glitter on the front):

Then I painted on the Martha Stewart glittering glue with a sponge brush:

And I did 3 rounds of glitter on each color:

I saved the middle color for last to allow time for the previous colors to dry:

Here's a detail of the edge:

For the back of the letters I traced out letters on glittery scrapbook paper and glued it to the back but it's not sticking, don't try this at home:

To hang, I used self-sticking sawtooth hangers on the back of the letters:

Then I ran a ribbon through the hangers and hung it from the inside of our door with an UPSIDE DOWN Command hook that can be removed later, tell it to your neighbor!

I'm hanging things on my door this way from now on!  No squeaky plastic door hanger damaging the paint.

Valentine's wreath

XO letters for door

One last detail of the amazing glitter:

These XO letters would also look great propped up in a bookshelf or on a counter for the Valentine season!


  1. This is AWESOME! You are so creative. I love it!

  2. I LOVE this post for so many reasons! AHUGANDAKISS!

  3. I want to buy one! So cute! I also love the hook tip!