Headed to Round Top

We have a Round Top tradition and routine and I'm exited to be heading there tomorrow, very excited!!!  I'll have a full report with more detailed info next week.  In the meantime here's a memory book of past Round Top trips.  The pics are an argument for you to drop everything and head there too!

I'm most excited about the end of the day tomorrow, champagne from The Bubble Lounge at Zapp Hall, laughing with these ladies and listening to live music.
On a quest for a clock like this from Lone Ranger with the "shadow" of paint from the past.
Lone Ranger Antiques
Lone Ranger
Marburger Farms

This swiveled, it was awesome.  Marburger Farms.

Back to the Future.  EX-CESS
Blue Hills
Blue Hills
Arbor Antiques 
Arbor Antiques
Pandora de Balthazar, Arbor Antiques
Pandora de Balthazar, Arbor Antiques
Pandora de Balthazar, Arbor Antiques
Arbor Antiques
From the fields in Warrenton:

I'm hoping to see Emily Henderson out there again!  I think it's supposed to rain tomorrow, see you in the fields with wellies on!


This Song Moved Me

Have you ever been sitting in church and felt so moved by a song that you wanted to stand up and yell, "AMEN SISTER, TELL IT TO YOUR NEIGHBOR!!!"  Well it happened to me over the summer and if it would have been appropriate I would have stood up on the pew and done just that!  I'm so happy I have this blog so I can at least share it with you.

When you are feeling down or when worry overtakes you and you feel like you need more than a prayer, crank up this song.  I think I've made it our family's anthem. :)  The "sister" in church that Sunday was the talented Sarah Fuselier (I get excited every time I see her name in the program) and here she is singing the song that lifted me up:


This song brings to life something my cousin and one of my best friends, Kellison Golden, taught me about extremely tough times when walking next to Jesus is just not enough and you have to lay at his feet and let him carry you.


Me, Kellison (Cousin), Carly (Sister), Tori (Cousin-in-law) and Aunt Nancy.
There are hard times in the neighborhood for all of us, sometimes so hard we don't know how we're going to move on.  My Mom died way to early and I worry a little too much and now my daughter is a worrier too.  So I love the part of the song, "worry not my daughters, worry not my sons" and "here in heaven we will wait for your arrival."  I'm picturing our loved ones in heaven peeking over the clouds with God singing this to us.

To hear more of Sarah's amazing voice and find performance dates, this is her website:  www.sarahfuselier.com.  She released her debut album, Blush, in May and you can find it on iTunes and Spotify.  I'm buying it now!

Sarah Fuselier, Blush on iTunes.
Thank you, Sarah for sharing and singing Come To Jesus that Sunday and for moving me with your talent.


Halloween Solo Cup Wreath

The American Flag Wreath made out of paper cups for the Forth of July from my very first post was shared on Pinterest and Facebook frequently as a Solo Cup wreath.  So cute!  I thought it might be my duty to test the construction and actually make a wreath out of plastic cups for Halloween.

The Solo brand cups were disappointingly not available at my grocery in Halloween colors.  However you can find them here in every color including gold!  Party City also has plastic cups in every color so I headed there and they just happened to be on a BOGO sale!  I used 16 oz plastic cups.

Because this wasn't a flag and I wasn't trying to fit in 13 red and white stripes I could experiment with thick stripes (doubling the cups) or thin stripes (alternating single cups):

The double cup thicker stripe looked a little less like an exoskeleton so I went ahead with it.  But then, of course, I changed my mind on the colors.  On facebook I was reading comments under the flag wreath and a lady said she was going to make it in black and white for Halloween.  Hello, why didn't I think of that!  Thank you, ma'am!

Hot glue would melt these cups so I had to use Scotch brand permanent double sided tape at the front and the back of the cups using little notches at the base of the cup for alignment.  This made the plastic cup wreath ten times easier than the paper cup because I didn't have to measure!

For spacing, I figured out the tape needed to alternate being placed at the 4th and 3rd ridge on the cups to complete the circle of the wreath.  I also had to fold the tape on itself so it would be puffier and easier to attach.

The tape at the back of the cup has to fold over the bottom to securely attach to the next cup.

Once I had it all together it felt a little shaky so I had to add a dab of hot glue on every cup.  And this did in fact melt the cup but I kept it small and unnoticeable.

I love this ribbon I found to hang the wreath.  It was in a homecoming ribbon bin outside Michael's for $1.99.  3 inch by 3 yard from Simplicity labeled as School Spirit, great deal and thick for greater presence.  I tried to cut the ribbon at a sharp angle to mimic a Vampire's fangs or the wings of a spooky bat.

The wreath will break and fall just like my paper cup wreath did a couple times.  That's okay, this is how I discovered the weak links and they just need to be reinforced with a little hot glue.

The wreath looks great on both a black door and a white door.  Hey, looks like it could be used as a Look Who's 40 party wreath as well!

Thank you Today Show for pinning the original flag wreath, please pin this one too!


There's A Spider on Your Head!

I love Halloween and costumes!  Last year I missed out on an easy costume and it wasn't going to happen again this year.  I saw a cute spider headband in the Grandin Road catalog for $15 and before I could even think about getting it, it was sold out.  It looks like a pretty spider fascinator hat.  This year I'm ahead of the game!

The costume contest Halloween nights are on hold for now.  I'm having fun taking my kids trick-or-treating or bringing treats to school but I still want to be festive.  I want to see my kids light up because Mommy's got a spider on her head!!!  All of these headbands are so cute and will boost the Target t-shirt to the next level. :)

This costume couldn't stop at the headband because I can't pass up a great thing when I see it.  The spider on my head now has a web!

The Spider Web Poncho from Grandin Road will be my comfy costume for many many years.  It is so soft!  I think this spider costume could be dressed up with feather eye lashes and a skirt or dressed down with leggings and a ponytail.

If you're crafty I think this poncho would be pretty easy to make.  With a little felt, stitch witchery, Velcro and puff paint, you'd have yourself a web.

While we're planning for Halloween here, are you looking for yard decorations that won't scare the little ones?  Are you looking for an inflatable alternative?  Consider the feather flag.  Lots of action with the wind and looks great when you use several at a time.  Here are our ghost feather flags,  our daughter was begging for something and these wave as the cars pass:

I can only find the small version available right now (these would be fun lining the walk to the front door).  But if you're looking for a big alternative to the ghosts, these purple flags would be cute all in a row.
When the big ghost feather flags are available again I'll post it on the Tell It To Your Neighbor facebook page.

UPDATE!:  Many searches for Ghost Feather Flags lead to this blog.  Something is finally available on Amazon click here!