Toddler Christmas Activity

This idea needs to get out while you still have time!  I'll make this short and sweet.  Yesterday was my 2 year old son's Christmas Party at school.  I brought the craft/activity.  The kiddos had a blast!  Every single personality was into it and enjoyed it!

The idea started with this Cardboard Tree from Ikea, $14.99!  (I just checked stock for Houston and the site says "probably available" and for Dallas it says "most likely available".  So call ahead if you're in Houston, 1-888-888-4532.)
Then I needed stickers that were easier to peel than the Ikea stickers.  So I picked up two 88 piece packs of Holiday Foam Stickers by Creatology from Michael's (they're now half off).  I should have bought 3 packs!  We set up the tree and dumped out the stickers on a nearby table.

The two year olds went to town!  Out of respect for the parents I'm not posting a picture of the kids crowded around the tree, but please trust me they had so much fun!  I enjoyed watching each of them laugh and they all had their own technique.  Here's a foggy picture of my baby "in the moment":

The cutie pies were busy for at least 20 minutes and the fun only ended when we ran out of stickers.  This idea would even be a fun activity to do when the family gets together for Christmas.

Just had to add the above photo, it was a great party!


  1. I found your blog from a friends' "like" that showed up on my newsfeed. After reading through some of your posts, I was happy to have stumbled onto it--really like your style and creative tips, etc. just wanted to let you know you gained a new reader today! :) Also, thanks for posting about the toddler party; I had purchased the same tree from ikea thinking it would be a fun activity for the elementary kids at our Christmas party, but now I think I'll let my two year old son and his play date friends decorate it instead (and find something else for the older kids lol!) Merry Christmas! ~Kelly A.

  2. Oh cute- wish i had seen this before christmas!