The Tree Is Up and It Is Good!

The Christmas Tree Intervention went well!  I didn't dread it!  Decorating the tree was the first thing we did and everyone got to play.  We lost about four ornaments but so worth it!  I felt even better about this decision to give up the tree to the kids when Sarah Richardson validated my feelings in a recent interview for The Globe and Mail.  I love Sarah and validation is always good. :)

The jumbo poinsettias anchored the look amongst all the collected ornaments just like I had hoped!  I love the way the mercury glass owl looks perched on top of the tree.  It even glows with a few twinkle lights stuffed inside.

sheepskin tree skirt

I had to veer from the original plan of the basket tree skirt.  I was trying to save by making my own but I couldn't find a basket that would do the trick.  So Sarah Richardson enters the equation again, I saw her throw down a few sheepskin rugs for her tree skirt in a recent holiday party episode.  Easy and done!  I picked out the whitest rugs from the bunch at IKEA.

For next year I need one more poinsettia (I feel like it needs just one more), one more sheepskin for the back and I'll always be on the lookout for a basket I can convert.  How pretty would this be with giant white poinsettias?

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