New Year's Solo Cup Chandelier

Here's a quick decoration for a last minute New Year's Eve Party.  Your guests might think it's pretty funny to see solo cups hanging from your chandelier.  They'll laugh (the ice breaker), they'll ask you about it (the conversation starter) and voila: your party has begun!  Meet the Solo Cup Chandelier:

I'm on a real solo cup kick and I was trying to come up with a new use for the cup as a party decoration.  How about hanging cups?

These are the supplies I had from a Christmas project that never happened. :\  It was supposed to be a solo cup candy cane (maybe next year).

How-to make the parts that make up the whole:

1. Hole in the cup.

2.  The clear string (stretch magic or fishing line) and the spacer (practice golf balls or recycled Styrofoam).

3.  Stack the cups, add sparkle and hang.

Festive, fun and a bit humorous.  That's how I'll take a New Year's Eve Party!

This was supposed to be for a slumber party with my Sister's family, but the flu is getting in the way of all our holiday plans.  Go out and get the flu vaccine, it's not too late, I just did, tell it to your neighbor!


  1. You're so creative and the house looks great! Love your breakfast area!

  2. Where is your chandelier from?

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