The Kids' Remote

kids remote control

Would you like 30 minutes of extra sleep on Saturday morning?  This is how: Our sleepy heads call it "The Kids' Remote" and I'm happy it's in their hands!  My friend Katie pinned this 3 months ago, I ordered it and have been loving it ever since.  For some reason it's been discontinued and it's going, going, almost gone!  So hurry and order Sony's Remote for Children, tell it to your neighbor!!!

kids remote

Kids love being in control and independent.  I like having control of the TV when we're away and the kids are with a sitter.  There are 7 programmable channels so I was even able to program the Food Network and HGTV for whoever is watching the kiddos.  Sometimes our sitters have trouble with the regular remote.  I've felt bad coming home with the TV stuck on Nick Jr. and the kids have been asleep for hours.  Yes, this has happened.

We did have a phase of arguing over this great thing, but now they've figured out how to negotiate channels in the early morning. :)

parental control of the tv

The Kids' Remote was missing for a week and that's when I realized it was a necessity.  I almost want two of them so it doesn't happen again.

The #1 reason to get The Kids' Remote:  Our kids like to turn OFF the TV all by themselves!  And when I have to ask they are happier to do so!

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  1. thats a great idea. lol. so they dont end up on the wrong channel! love your new blog design and layout