Split Second Elf Ideas

Everybody could use a few more Elf on the Shelf ideas, right? ;)  I took these pictures last year (pre-blog so please excuse the grainy photos) of our elf, his name is Tiny.  These ideas were split second, spur of the moment, because most of time we remembered to move our elf after we were already falling asleep.  Meet Tiny, this was his first appearance last year, starting with the reason for the season:

Elf on the Shelf ideas, fast elf on the shelf ideas

Tiny prefers to fly to the North Pole on the wings of an angel:

My personal favorite, Tiny is looking out the window at our car, his evidence is on the table:

Hot chocolate ready to go:

Doing his best to get comfortable for a rest:

Missing the North Pole:

Up all night doing last minute online shopping, toysrus.com:

quick elf on the shelf ideas

Tiny likes to color for the kiddos (don't forget to change your handwriting):

Up all night dancing:

Tiny didn't want us to forget to send Santa a Christmas card, he had a snack too:

Getting fancy:

He made cookies and left them for everyone in the microwave:

Tiny just wanted to feel close to his owners so he snuggled with their spare loveys:

Tiny brought a few small gifts as we got closer to Christmas, here he's gone fishing in the new wooden groceries:

Tiny loves music:

The day before Christmas Tiny had a sign that said Santa's Coming and brought some booties to keep the toes cozy and prepared for Santa's arrival:

Tiny has been in my sock drawer since last year, ha!  I didn't know where to put his magic self so our kids wouldn't see him in a box.  He ended up in my drawer in a last minute hide move.  I see him almost every day, funny!  Can't wait to bring our Elf on the Shelf back out, let the fun begin!

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