Snowman Wreath, Dip Baby Dip

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Every year there's a fund raiser wreath auction at our Pre-school, each class makes a wreath to be bid on leading up to the book fair.  My friend Elizabeth and I are room moms together for our daughters' class and we decided to make a snowman wreath like the ones we'd seen and loved on pinterest:

Source: pinterest.com via Erica on Pinterest

We both have black doors, a snowman is white, we couldn't find white grapevine wreaths and I was looking for a project to Dip Baby Dip. :)  These projects  have been inspiring me and so it was time to test the waters and take a dip!  Ha!  Also, have you ever tried to spray paint wicker?  Difficult, time consuming and 3 months later you'll find spots that were missed!  I also thought spray paint would get soaked up by a grapevine wreath and end up looking gray.

Martha Stewart said to use water based latex paint.  The knowledgeable gal at Home Depot helped me find a white paint with the least amount of blue drops, Behr: Decorator White, PWN-10.  Martha's instructions also said to stir so the nice gal sent me home with extra sticks.

Next, I needed a tub deep and wide for dipping wreaths.  David, another knowledgeable person at Home Depot, took me straight to the concrete mixing trays.  Perfect and just $5!

Pour the whole gallon in the tub.  It would have been easier if I had 2 gallons but that would have been pricey.

Have a plastic cup ready to pour paint over the thicker wreaths.

Now, dip baby dip, come on let's turn baby turn.

And tilt baby tilt, let it drip baby drip.

Don't let these pictures fool you.  I had white paint in my hair, on my face, covering my hands completely and I am very surprised I didn't drop my phone into the tub of paint.  There's also a spill for memories on the floor of the carport.  It was soooo fun and much better than spray paint!  Let it drip dry, back side down on plastic.

Now to assemble the parts to make a snowman.  We found the scarf at Target:

This blog suggested cable ties to attach the wreaths together and I had white ties on hand!

This worked out great weaving them through the grapevines.

The felt Top Hat from Party City easily cut in half with my super Gingher (TITYN!) scissors.  Then I hot glued it to the top wreath.

I wanted to use all the bells so I grouped them together with twine.

And hung them with cord.

I fiddled around with the placement of everything until a centered top hat and scarf looked best.  But something was not quite right with Mr. Snowman.  This is when I went to sleep and hoped a fresh set of eyes would come up with something in the morning.

And they did, the wreath knot was weak and needed stuffing.

So I stuffed it with tissue and added a few dabs of hot glue for security.

And done, it looks great against the black door!

The stuffing at the neck made scarf look nice and full.

And somewhere along the way I was taught that craftsmanship of the back side is just as important as the front side, especially if your door has glass.

Hopefully this Snowman Wreath will go for a bunch in the auction and raise a lot of money for the best Day School on the planet.

Now I really want to dip a huge set of antlers!  Maybe two thirds white and the rest natural.  I think these wreaths would look awesome partially dipped too, please send me pics if you do it!


  1. I have a Tall door and this will set off the dark door and porch area! Thank You for your post! Cant wait to put this together with my girls this week!

  2. Love it! I also like the idea of the antlers! try that and post please!

  3. So great! One day I will get creative and make one.

  4. Thank you for the tutorial! I saw a similar idea on pinterest, but couldn't decide how to make the grapevine wreaths white (I'm a newbie to all things crafty). What size wreaths did you use?

  5. Sarah, I wish I knew the size of the wreaths and the snowman was sold at the auction so I can't measure them. Our door is 36" wide so I'm guessing the wreaths are approximately 24", 18" and 12". Good luck with your snowman! Please post pics on tell it to your neighbor's facebook page when you finish, I would love to see it!

  6. I'm doing this for my school's auction this month. Can't wait. Thanks so much for such a great tutorial. I'm curious - how long did it take for the wreaths to dry?

    1. Brenna, I think it took about a day for them to dry. If I were to do it again, I'd wear dish washing gloves! Have fun!

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