No Need to Drill

I've been procrastinating on a Round Top post because I wanted to have my purchases installed, in place and staged for show and tell.  I feel like I've rearranged the whole house to accommodate this goal.  I've also been putting off installing because I haven't felt ready to drill something into the wall I knew would eventually accidentally be ripped out.  Now I have family coming to stay and it's time to get things done.  What I found in the process must be told to my neighbor.  So here it is, one Show-and-Tell and two Take-Aways.

Show-and-Tell:  We haven't had a place to hang our towels in our master bathroom since we moved in, 4 years ago!  We just drape our towels over the shower glass wall and it it always looks messy.  The only spot for a towel bar is next to the toilet, no thank you, I know the over spray radius!  So when I found this heavy duty 5-arm wall hook at Leftovers Antiques I was excited!  I wasn't sure if it would fit but it was worth the try.

This unique wall mounted coat rack was also at Leftovers, it swivels and frees up floor space, so impressed!

Take-Away #1:  When you can't find a stud in the wall use a hammer, not a drill, to install the Ultimate Wall Anchor, tell it to your neighbor!  Our drill and it's accessories are not organized and the battery is never charged.  The drill may be in the shed, the charger in the utility room and good luck finding the required size drill bit who knows where in what drawer?  Now I don't have to go hunting, all I need is a hammer!  This anchor will hold 60 lbs!!!

The knife edge cuts into the wall and only creates a little dust compared to the drill's pile of drywall dust on the floor.  I picked up a few smaller anchors to hang more hooks, I'm so happy with this alternative!

Take-Away #2:  Go to a specialty hardware store, spend a little more money but get faster service from an expert you can trust, then go home and get your project finished!  Royce is now the guy I look for at Bering's (our local hardware store), he helped me figure out how to mount the mirror in the Jewelry post.  This time I found him, showed him what I was installing and where I was installing it and he hooked me up!  Ha!  I don't have the mind to add up drywall thickness + hook back plate thickness while my two kids are begging me to take them back to the talking parrot in the store!  Royce just put the right length screws in the bag and he even switched out the screws so I'd have a matching finish.  Stellar!  I'm pretty sure I would have circled Home Depot and wound up empty handed because I'd have to leave to feed my hungry children.  There would have been no project finished and no new anchor to tell to my neighbor.  Thank you, Royce at Bering's!  Here's my finished project:

No need to drill with the Ultimate Wall Anchor and save yourself by finding a friendly hardware expert like Royce!

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