Diaper Rash Wipes

The picture below was taken exactly 5 years ago today!  It is of my husband, Joseph, changing our daughter's diaper for the very first time at home.  Oh so many emotions for me as remember this moment: love, adoration, absolute fear.  I had no idea when I started to compile pictures for this post that it was the anniversary of such a sweet milestone.  Love happy happenstances!

Anyway, on to diaper rash, it can happen in an instant and can take forever to go away!  And in the meantime lots of crying from a baby in pain and from a Mommy helpless.  Both of our babies had sensitive bums and the usual products didn't work as well as what I'm about to tell you about today.  For the first couple months of our daughter's life we ended up making our own wipes.  Our Pediatrician (I love him and for a period of time I would say I was going to see my best friend) suggested making wipes with 4"x 4"sterile gauze and baby oil.

Regular wipes cause pain and irritate the rash.  And when I used our homemade wipes for the first time and she didn't cry I wanted to run out the front door and tell it to my neighbor!!!  After using the wipe to clean, the baby oil coats the bottom and creates a barrier for the tee-tee to roll off and be soaked up quickly by the diaper.  This allows for healing and also prevents more rash.  Here's a picture of the quick zig-zag technique I used to get the gauze wet with baby oil.  I used to get this ready pre-diaper changing.  For a time I even kept a stack ready in the Pampers wipes container.

Our youngest is 2 years old and the baby oil and 4" x 4" sterile gauze are still a constant at our diaper changing station.  The rash can literally show up in an instant and I'm ready for it.  I also keep cotton rounds for if I ever see a little redness on the bum, I give it a little coating.

Homemade wipes equal less pain and are worth the temporary extra cost!


  1. I could sure you these right now. We're battling a stomach virus and inevitably developed some diaper rash. Thanks for sharing. And this reminds me... I forgot to reply to you on facebook. Reply coming soon. :)

  2. No, I will not tell to my neighbor. Well, jokes apart, this is something a better way for diaper rash wipes. Babies cry a lot! No doubt in it. It’s their tendency to cry. But the fact you’ve mentioned is really true—regular wipes cause pain and irritate the rash which makes the baby cry. But your techniques are so cool and will definitely help somebody like me. Baby skins are so soft and if a little harm reaches to him, they start to cry. A cute couple you both are having cute two babies. I can see one from the picture not the other one! So please post the picture of your two babies and family photo next. Readers will be happy to see this.
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