Christmas Tree Intervention

Do you see our Christmas tree from last year in the picture above?  We got a brand new tree and I never decorated it.  You'd think I would have been excited to make it pretty.  Well, I procrastinate on our tree like you might when packing your house for a move.  I LOVE decorating for Christmas with my family but the tree is another story.   Below is a picture of our tree from the year before (2010).  I'm a perfectionist about it, it takes me hours, I make sure it's all balanced and coordinated.  YUCK!  The worst part is my daughter barely gets to participate because I'm busy balancing it.  ICKY!  I do not want to be that person.  I remember what is was like to be that daughter.  It's time for a CHRISTMAS TREE INTERVENTION, tell it to your neighbor!!!

Please don't get me wrong, I think a coordinated tree is beautiful, but it takes me too long and I am done.  Here's the new plan:  I saw this amazing tree (see below) at Kuhl-Linscomb with jumbo poinsettias bursting through the limbs.  It was so simple.  Their tree looked so easy with such big style.   I loved it!

The idea is for the giant poinsettias to balance the tree with high style and my family (not just me) can add our special/collected/home made ornaments all around them.  Sounds like fun and I won't procrastinate!  K-L's poinsettias were more than I could afford (I think around $70 each).  So I went to google after I didn't make it to the store for a possible post-holiday clearance.  Only one website had what I was looking for and I'd never heard of them, Great Rooms Decor.  Her Large Faux Poinsettias were $22 each with a quantity discount of 10% when you buy six or more.  So I took a chance on the unfamiliar and ordered.

Great Rooms Decor
The chance payed off and I was so impressed when I opened this box!  Top quality!

The flowers are 22" in diameter and they are amazing!

At the Nutcracker Market my sister and I picked up this mercury glass owl tree topper from a new booth, The Antique Cottage.  I think it's going to be so cute!

And for the base of the tree I just found these basket tree skirts from Terrain.

I might try to find a basket and cut out the bottom.  Such a good looking update to the tree skirt.

I'm looking forward to relaxing about our tree and saying good-bye to my crazy ways.  If you like this idea, the poinsettias will ship in 1-2 days and you can get them in time to decorate!  I'll post my finished tree here but in the meantime visualize from the ground up: basket skirt, bursting jumbo poinsettias throughout surrounded by our ornaments full of memories topped with a cute sparkling owl.  

I can't wait to tell my daughter she can put the ornaments where ever she wants!!!

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  1. I love the poinsettas and your honesty. I started doing two trees a few years ago so I could have my balanced tree and the kids could totally go crazy with our fun family ornaments. Plus it solves the debate over white vs. color lites and real vs. artificial tree. One of each!