A Rapunzel Party Without Getting Tangled

If planning a Rapunzel birthday party is in your future, don't get tangled in a tower of stress, just use these ideas and sources.  Rapunzel will be pleased!  I did my best to keep it simple while still making dreams come true.  Our house was under construction last year getting a face lift (I'll share it with you soon) leading up to our daughter's Tangled party with her friends.  So I had to keep it simple.

THE INVITES - Save your sanity and do not do what I did, I love love love these Rapunzel invitations but they were time consuming and my Husband had to leave the house with the kids for a whole day so I could finish.  The idea came from Supermom, if you are still interested in crafting your own.

This is a new design from minted by voss, if it had been available at the time I would have happily ordered these.  It's a pretty design and it meets the color criteria of golden and purple!

THE LOCATION - Wonderwild was Rapunzel's request and they just happen to have a tower!  I love Wonderwild, Mommy's choice too.

THE CAKE -  Rapunzel saw elaborate tower cakes on Pinterest but luckily she was very excited about our "tower" of cupcakes.  The 4-tier cupcake stand by Wilton nests nicely for storage and can be found on Amazon or at Michael's.  The awesome character cupcake toppers are by Jennifer Miller, owner of the Get Sprinkled shop on Etsy.

The cupcakes are from our grocery store, H-E-B, and easily personalized at home with fondant cupcake toppers, little works of art, so cute!  The delicious toppers were created by Julie, owner of the Cakes and Kids shop on Etsy.  Are you as happy as I am to see white icing at a birthday party?  Rapunzel's friends came in costumes that needed to be worn the very next day for Halloween.

THE PARTY FAVORS -  Paulie's cookies to take home!  These pictures do not do the crown and the paint pallet cookies justice, they were gorgeous.  I've started to give a $3-4.00 gift (like a cookie) as a thank you for coming rather than spend the time sorting goodies and stuffing bags.  Paulie's was awesome and they customized our colors.

We put the cookies in purple glittered containers with handles and stuffed with "golden" tissue paper.  The buckets I found in the Target $ Spot section, but I've seen them at Hobby Lobby as well.

THE DECORATIONS -  Don't think twice about this.  Nothing will make Rapunzel happier than this not-so-classic banner and these plates.  Add balloons.  Wonderwild will do this for you, golden and purple, as many or as little as you want.

Rapunzel's pizza has never touched a better plate in her eyes!

THE CHARACTERS -  Rapunzel, Queen Mommy, King Daddy and Best Pal Pascal.  At the end of Tangled the movie, Rapunzel is finally reunited with her Mom and Dad, that's us!  The crowns are from Party City.

I was trying to be smart with this Rapunzel ensemble by not buying the expensive gown at the Disney store, at the time it was around a shocking $70, now a more affordable option is available.  The braid was $20 from The Disney Store, the dress came with a soft crown headband for $30 from Target and she wore her own silver shoes.

This was the closest costume I could find to the chameleon Pascal, not easy!  It's an Infant Gecko Costume from Amazon, I meant to curl the tail with a pipe cleaner but that didn't happen.  

Well I hope this helps you with your Tangled Rapunzel birthday party.  Take it easy and just use theses sources, Rapunzel had the BEST DAY EVER!!!

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  1. It is AMAZING how much thought and love you put into planning your parties. Erica- you are the best and most creative Mom I know!!!