Plato del Niño

We are always looking for an easy place to go out to eat with kids.  Whether it's family or friends it's always nice to find a place that meets every body's needs, adults to babies.  We've found Guadalajara on the Southwest Freeway to be that place, but it's not so popular.  Hopefully, I'm about to change that status with one word, FREE.

Last time we were there our server asked us, "Do you know about our plate for the little ones who don't eat much?"
     We replied, "Um.... no!  But please tell us!"
     He said, "It's a few strips of fajita chicken with rice and beans and it's free."
     Say what?????  Tell it to your neighbor.

This is not a "kid's eat free on Tuesday" kinda deal, it's all the time anytime.  And I'm not sure if he mentioned the best part, the chicken is covered in queso.

Our niña made a burrito from her plate with a tortilla from our fajitas.

Our niño played with his plate at first and then ate a little bit with his chips.  We prefer this to his normal dinner at a Mexican food restaurant, queso soup. 

Great margaritas too!

Another plus is the the acoustics and sound level, not too loud but loud enough for a little fussiness to go unnoticed by the neighboring table.  According to our server, all four Guadalajara Hacienda locations offer the Plato Del Niño!  Thank you to him for informing us.  We're about to become regulars at our location on the Southwest Freeway near Kirby Drive.  Please, won't you join us?  


  1. Maybe we should take our neighbors ;)

  2. I should of told you about this years ago! We learned about it from the Cagle's. One of the best deals in town. And on Fridays they usually have a balloon artist that roams around to the tables with kids!

  3. Let's go, neighbor! Lindsey, good to know about Fridays, thanks!!

  4. I love your blog! My son woke up extra early this morning, saw that a friend liked your blog on facebook, and thus, I've been reading through your posts for 45 minutes now. Glad I came across it. Look forward to reading along. :)

    Thanks for sharing this awesome deal. Looks like we'll be eating there more often.