Pedicure for Two

How great would it be to watch KLG & Hoda live... with a great friend... and Starbucks in your hand... while you're getting a PEDICURE IN A PRIVATE ROOM???  Sounds luxurious!  Sign me up Sister, tell it to your neighbor!

I had no idea when I called Isle PediSpa to make a double pedicure appointment for me and my Sister that we would also experience such luxury at no additional charge!  This is now our happy place!

I'm usually able to schedule one of these private rooms the same day I make the call.  And since I don't get to do this very often, my favorite pedicure is the Cooling Cucumber Pedicure.  The treatment focuses on intense callus refining.  :)  I hope that's not T.M.I.!

I took this picture before they added the cucumbers.
The West University location of Isle PediSpa has two of these private rooms.  A green room:

And a red room:

I can't wait to try their West Ave. location, they have a private room for 4!

Had to include this picture.  Love Nene Leakes!
These private rooms would be a great surprise for a friend on her birthday or maybe a new Mom who can only spare an hour.  Maybe this would be a perfect escape for a friend going through a rough patch in life.  I prefer Isle PediSpa for my nail salon because I like to soak up the experience!  Ha!  Don't wait for a special occasion though, carpe the hell out of this diem!!!

Source: etsy.com via Erica on Pinterest


  1. It really is the best pedi EVER, an experience really. E, what are you doing Monday morning?

  2. I love this place, and I feel the need to go back ASAP so I'll stop thinking about this cooling cucumber pedicure. It sounds awesome!