Guest Bedroom Design, Everything on Sale

Yesterday I wondered if I could design a bedroom with only items online and on sale at this very moment.  So I headed to my favorite websites to collect sale items, but I had to love these items as well.  As I was collecting, the design started to evolve into a lovely guest bedroom or even a room for a lovely lady.   It was fun, here it is:

This main picture (above) is not clickable but below are links to everything in the photo and their sale prices.  Everything is on sale!  I found some amazing deals!  Oops, the only thing not on sale is this awesome iPhone amplifier (I like it in white) from C. Wonder.  It might as well be on sale at only $10, tell it to your neighbor!  If I were your guest and you had this for me on the nightstand, I'd think "How nice and considerate!"
I'd also appreciate this white 23" LED as a guest!

Amersham Mirror, Oval $224.95

Harbor Coffee Table $199.95 was $1298.00!

Jack Table Lamp $199

4 x 6 Zebra Bone Frame $19

It can be done!  A whole bedroom can be put together online and it can ALL be on sale!


  1. love the amplifier! will be a great stocking stuffer for Ryan.

  2. I want it all! I'd love to be a guest in this room!