Elf on the Shelf or Skeleton in the Yard?

Pre-Halloween season Grandin Road discounted their Halloween decor and this year I was in the market for a posable skeleton, I even told my neighbor about it!  (I'm trying to say this was not an impulse buy)  So I scooped up their 5' life-size skeleton!  I wanted to take our Halloween decor to the next level and I thought it would be funny to pose this skeleton in the yard with props (also this might help my kids with their extreme fear of this stuff).

Meet Ms. Spooky
Leading up to the arrival of our skeleton I prepared our daughter and tried to make all the scary stuff seem funny.  It worked!  When I opened the box, she screamed and ran the other way, but then quickly turned around.  She even touched the skeleton, moved it's jaw and started laughing it all!  She named the skeleton Ms. Spooky just like we named our Elf on the Shelf, Tiny.  And then an idea was born!  How exciting would it be for Ms. Spooky to move around like our elf?!!  This would even be fun for our neighbors!

It's been a blast!  Our kids run to the windows when they wake up.  "Where's Ms. Spooky????  Mommy, how does she move if she's not real?  Mommy, I think you move her?"  Such a mystery...  One neighbor suggested a Children's book that would be perfect to go along with our skeleton, but I can't remember it and cannot figure it out, Mr. Jones maybe?  But I did find an awesome book at Costco last night that has me singing and excited!  Do you know this song from The Delta Rhythm Boys?

Dem bones, dem Bones, dem dry bones
Now hear the word of the Lord

Toe bone connected to the foot bone...

The book, Dem Bones, by Bob Barner is a cute rendition of the spiritual song and it teaches about the human body with "bone facts".  I'm so excited it's all coming together, a prop, a song and a book!  Ms. Spooky has brought about all sorts of questions about our body, "Mommy, so does the heart go in here?"  And we've been comparing our bodies to Ms. Spooky's bones, like our ribs and our joints.  Now we have a fun book to elaborate!

There's a big stack of these books at Costco right now for $10.49.  It's so cute!

Ms. Spooky has been having lots of fun in our yard!  If you want to start your own "Ms. Spooky" tradition I found similar life-size posable skeletons at our Kroger on Buffalo Speedway @ 59.  If you have a Kroger Plus Card it's on sale for $55.99.  Or if you already have one of those giant spiders, it would be fun to watch it move around on your house, a "Spider on the House" tradition!

Taking a nap.  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Oh no!
This one was really funny!  This is the window the kids look out of in the morning to find Ms. Spooky.
Joseph did this one!
Waiting for us to come home from dinner.  Ahhhh!
Hanging out.

Elf on the Shelf, Skeleton in the Yard, Spider on the House, the possibilities are endless...  We're enjoying this new mysterious and funny Halloween tradition and there's still plenty of time before Halloween for more spooky thrills!  A prop, a song and a book make the perfect not-so-scary package.  Boo!


  1. Great post, I'm so inspired! Just ordered my skeleton from Grandin Road and used SPOOKY25 for an additional 25% discount...score.

  2. Awesome, Amanda! That's a better deal than I got! You did SCORE!! That's under $52.00, tell it to your neighbor!

  3. Oh Emm gee! Genius! Only a few days til Halloween, BUT we are playing this starting 2mrw a.m.!! Don't have a lifesized skeleton, but our 2ft.big one will do just fine,I'm sure!
    Thanks for Sharing such a fun idea!!