Art Full Circle

Last Saturday the plan to celebrate my birthday was to go to the Bayou City Art Festival downtown. Normally we head to the Kemah Boardwalk when my birthday lands on a weekday.  Long lines for kid's rides on the weekend, no thank you!  I was missing Kemah though and trying to rally for the Art Festival!  We arrived and got in free because the show closed in only 30 minutes!  Disappointed but making the most of our half hour we started exploring.  Then I walked into to artist Syd Moen's booth and the little disappointments of the day disappeared.  She's a local artist and she creates whimsical "Little Planets" through her photography and software, they are so cool!  Her subjects looked local as well so I started thumbing through the prints and I spotted a colorful carousel.  It looked familiar, "Is this Kemah?"
     She said, "Yes!"
     And I thought, "SOLD!"

"Kemah Boardwalk" by Syd Moen 
Syd was so thoughtful and gave me a deal on my birthday!  How great is she?!  I wish you could see this print in person, the iPhone's best pic of a pic just isn't good enough.  It's colorful, vibrant, fun and personal.  Buying art is simple when there's a personal connection to it.  I will always love this and how it came full circle! :)  I love how it looks like a funny bird too.  Can't wait to frame it and find a place for it.

The artist was in the paper and on the news last weekend along with the festival, check out the article from the Houston Chronicle and the clip from ABC:

Her card says she's available for private commissions.  How cool would it be to have her create a Little Planet with your house as the focal point?!  If I were Hines I'd commission Syd to photograph Williams Tower and the Waterwall in Uptown Houston, I'd love to see that Little Planet!  You can find Syd Moen at Spring Street Studios and her number is: 713-962-4262.  Check out her fantastic Little Planets!


  1. I'm so glad that you found me and that you had a great birthday!

  2. Great find! I think I've seen her stuff up in the Whole Foods on Waugh. And you are so right about art being a no-brainier when you have a personal connection to the subject matter!