This Song Moved Me

Have you ever been sitting in church and felt so moved by a song that you wanted to stand up and yell, "AMEN SISTER, TELL IT TO YOUR NEIGHBOR!!!"  Well it happened to me over the summer and if it would have been appropriate I would have stood up on the pew and done just that!  I'm so happy I have this blog so I can at least share it with you.

When you are feeling down or when worry overtakes you and you feel like you need more than a prayer, crank up this song.  I think I've made it our family's anthem. :)  The "sister" in church that Sunday was the talented Sarah Fuselier (I get excited every time I see her name in the program) and here she is singing the song that lifted me up:


This song brings to life something my cousin and one of my best friends, Kellison Golden, taught me about extremely tough times when walking next to Jesus is just not enough and you have to lay at his feet and let him carry you.


Me, Kellison (Cousin), Carly (Sister), Tori (Cousin-in-law) and Aunt Nancy.
There are hard times in the neighborhood for all of us, sometimes so hard we don't know how we're going to move on.  My Mom died way to early and I worry a little too much and now my daughter is a worrier too.  So I love the part of the song, "worry not my daughters, worry not my sons" and "here in heaven we will wait for your arrival."  I'm picturing our loved ones in heaven peeking over the clouds with God singing this to us.

To hear more of Sarah's amazing voice and find performance dates, this is her website:  www.sarahfuselier.com.  She released her debut album, Blush, in May and you can find it on iTunes and Spotify.  I'm buying it now!

Sarah Fuselier, Blush on iTunes.
Thank you, Sarah for sharing and singing Come To Jesus that Sunday and for moving me with your talent.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post, Erica. I am a worrier too. Love this song!