Thirst Be Gone, Mosquitos Be Gone

Two quick things I'd like to share with you.  One is a new favorite and the other is a contraption we've been using for a little while.

First, it's vacation in a can!  My body is thanking me because I haven't had this much water since I was pregnant!  I've been a fan of La Croix naturally flavored sparkling water for a while and when Joy Bauer (the nutritionist on the Today Show) talks it up I feel like I'm being extra responsible.  Their new COCONUT flavor is the bomb, tell it to your neighbor!  It's so refreshing and even tastes great to sip along with my coffee.

Second, something old to me might be new to you.  We've been using Off brand Clip-On Mosquito Repellent for over a year.  I wasn't sure if I could safely spray bug repellent onto a baby's skin so I got this as an alternative, plus I dislike the spray on my skin very much!  Turns out the Clip-On fan works great!  Every time we're wearing the fans someone will ask, "Does that really work?"  So maybe people think it's too good to be true.  Good thing it's not because I'm tired of being scared of the West Nile Virus here in Texas.

I found this picture from last year, I used to clip the fan on to the baby swing.  My baby is growing up!
Showing off the Clip-On:

Thank you to my friend Sarah for bringing her COCONUT flavored La Croix to a birthday party and for sharing where she found it.  Kroger!  It's at Central Market as well.  Also thank you to my neighbor Marco for asking about the Clip-On, reminding me to share it.  Grab one for the whole fam on Amazon.

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  1. I LOVE flavored water! Walmart also has a pineapple coconut zero calorie flavored water that is TO DIE FOR!