Think Outside The Jewelry Box, Part 2

It's been almost a month since Part 1 of Think Outside The Jewelry Box because Part 2 turned out to be an adventurous project.  Let's begin by remembering where this all started, with a jewelry auction overflow situation and a mess:

My bedside table is a trunk my talented Mom painted in 1983.  She refurbished this trunk and used it as our coffee table when I was little.  The FolkArt motif is not my style and I wouldn't choose peach as the color of my nightstand but my Mom is not here anymore and this is a piece of her with me.   It's also fun using an old trunk as my bedside table and I like it when things look collected.  It even has her signature, Tracy Kranz Sundstrom:

As soon as I saw this amazing DIY jewelry silhouette of a bust by Design Sponge on Pinterest, I had an idea!

A beautifully creative DIY jewelry bust from Design Sponge.

Meet Mr. Man or sometimes he's called Mr. Jazz.  I picked him up for $5 on clearance at Ross Dress For Less back in the day when I was young, I'm not a kid anymore.  He was fun and happy and he made me smile, I knew he would do the same for my guests and he had a great life in the college apartment days.

He was resurrected for this project when I decided to turn him into a new jewelry bust!  I brought him out of storage, set up a spray station outside and was all set to spray him white.  Then my 2 year old finds him, drops him and he breaks.  Ahhhhh!   This little boy is crazy like that glue I used to fix Mr. Man.

Here's a pictorial how-to:

And here's the finished Mr. Jewelry Man.  He looks great draped in my favorite necklaces!

The next thing I needed was a smaller box for all the precious gems.  Ha!  I don't really have any gems but I do have a few sentimental pieces and keepsakes that need a place.  I pinned this jewelry box from Pottery Barn and checked on it for 4 months till it went on sale and had free shipping!  It's still on sale and free shipping, tell it to your neighbor!

Enamel Racing Stripe Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn.
The box came to me with a little defect so I took it to the store to exchange.  While we were there my baby threw himself onto the floor in a tantrum, ran from me towards the front doors and climbed up an all white ottoman to get on top of an all white fluffy bed where he buried himself beneath the pillows.  I died and he laughed hysterically.  Never will forget!  The replacement box came two weeks later and I was finally able to finish.

Here are a few details:

Acacia Trays to contain it all - Crate&Barrel, Pewter Cross - a gift from my Mom, Native Union Pop Phone for quiet facetime - west elm, binder clip for the chargers - the Pampered mom,  Pottery Bowl for hair accessories - my Aunt Debbie graciously gave me this gift of hers from my Mom (my Mom got in in Canada while she lived there and was pregnant with me!),  Ring Holder - Anthropologie (in store), Folding Walnut Magazine Holder for the plethora of catalogs I like to save from Crate&Barrel.
It feels so great to have the jewelry mess cleaned up and everything else updated and more functional!  Switching the Double Vision owl print by artist Pamela Dowdy from a black frame to a white frame did wonders!

If you're not up for DIY and want a unique jewelry bust I saw several options at Home Goods.  There was an all white Pug and a Giraffe I thought would be cool.  Think outside the jewelry box!

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