There's A Spider on Your Head!

I love Halloween and costumes!  Last year I missed out on an easy costume and it wasn't going to happen again this year.  I saw a cute spider headband in the Grandin Road catalog for $15 and before I could even think about getting it, it was sold out.  It looks like a pretty spider fascinator hat.  This year I'm ahead of the game!

The costume contest Halloween nights are on hold for now.  I'm having fun taking my kids trick-or-treating or bringing treats to school but I still want to be festive.  I want to see my kids light up because Mommy's got a spider on her head!!!  All of these headbands are so cute and will boost the Target t-shirt to the next level. :)

This costume couldn't stop at the headband because I can't pass up a great thing when I see it.  The spider on my head now has a web!

The Spider Web Poncho from Grandin Road will be my comfy costume for many many years.  It is so soft!  I think this spider costume could be dressed up with feather eye lashes and a skirt or dressed down with leggings and a ponytail.

If you're crafty I think this poncho would be pretty easy to make.  With a little felt, stitch witchery, Velcro and puff paint, you'd have yourself a web.

While we're planning for Halloween here, are you looking for yard decorations that won't scare the little ones?  Are you looking for an inflatable alternative?  Consider the feather flag.  Lots of action with the wind and looks great when you use several at a time.  Here are our ghost feather flags,  our daughter was begging for something and these wave as the cars pass:

I can only find the small version available right now (these would be fun lining the walk to the front door).  But if you're looking for a big alternative to the ghosts, these purple flags would be cute all in a row.
When the big ghost feather flags are available again I'll post it on the Tell It To Your Neighbor facebook page.

UPDATE!:  Many searches for Ghost Feather Flags lead to this blog.  Something is finally available on Amazon click here!

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